Perfume Review: Sir Gallahad by Isabey


With father’s day around the corner or any man thinking on a special fragrance for his wedding day today I wanted to share my thoughts about this masculine perfume from the niche French house, Isabey. Sir Gallahad was quite a surprise.

I cold say that 70-80% of the masculine scents smell almost identical doesn’t matter if it’s a luxury brand, the blends are basically the same to the point that many are just like drugstore after shave or even worst..deodorant . Very few times in my life I have complimented a man for his perfume choice, most of the time they are too strong and sharp that any sense of charming masculinity is left in the side that’s why I’m far more picky with masculine fragrances because is hard to find exclusivity and a unique scent that would make a man stand out from the rest.

So we have talked in this blog about Isabey and they gorgeous Gardenia and La Route d’Emeraude, fragrances that made me visualise myself on my wedding day and how I would like to smell like but those are feminine fragrances obviously, so what about the groom? what would he smell like? well the answer is Sir Gallahad. the house Isabey has a special thing with gardenia, BUT a high quality one, and I said it before, you can find women perfumes with gardenia but if you pay attention they don’t smell like the real flower smells like, mostly because is synthetic as Gardenia oil is hard and costly to extract, so here is where Isabey gets all the prizes because they do perfumes that smell like the real stuff. This floral note that is included in most of their fragrances, but gardenia is common in feminine scents but REALLY hard to find in masculine ones so when I saw the notes pyramid of Sir Gallahad I got intrigued.


Top Notes : Saffran flowers, Italian Mandarin, Gardenia Petals
Heart Notes:  Gardenia Hear, Olibanum, Sambac jasmin
Base Notes: Blonde Tobacco, Vetiver, Amber

Sir Gallahad is a woody fragrance with a interest dry down, and constant contrast between the floral notes and the tobacco, you can feel the jasmine and the gardenia teasing the blonde tobacco and the vetiver. Is perfect for  someone looking for a masculine floral perfume because the tobacco and the vetiver keep it masculine so you can feel those floral notes but whenever these ones want to develop sweet towards feminine, the incense notes bring them back. it could be unisex like any woman would use it, but once you smell it a man would come to your mind first.

I haven’t smell any masculine fragrance like this before, so adding to this that the sillage is about 2 mts, is very long lasting (+12 hours) the great and unique performance it has, it would make any man different, if we are talking about giving an impression and our brain keeping olfactory memory, Sir Gallahad would be able to print a mark on people or in a wedding case be able to evoke that special moment in life with a non ordinary scent.

Seriously is hard to get impressed with men perfumes now days but his one was really good, this is perfect for any man that want to difference himself from the rest, that looks for exclusivity, that couldn’t find anything nice in the mass consuming market.

I hope you enjoyed the post

Evelin x

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