Perfume Review: L’Ambre de Carthage by Isabey

“Ancient Carthage held a position as one of the capitals of maritime trade with ships transporting precious and rare scents of far off lands. From this quest of mysterious and unknown elsewhere, Isabey created a distinctive perfume for a man who knows how to overcome wild lands.
L’Ambre de Carthage is a modern masculine fragrance symbolising the spirit of long, challenging journeys and adventures.”

Time ago I shared the review or one of the two masculine fragrance from Isabey, Sir Gallahad which is a floral scent with main accords of gardenia, today I’m gonna to talk about the other one L’Ambre de Carthage totally different as this one is an Oriental Ambery scent. 


  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Jasmine Tea, Birch
  • Heart Notes: Cistus absolute Spain, Osmanthus, Patchouli
  • Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwoord, Olibanum, Sensual Musk

A perfume made for any man wanting to smell different and capable to print a scented memory in his way, the main note here is clearly the amber, is so well done that you can actually smell it getting combined with any of the other notes, which is basically means that is high quality and well blended as normally is the first note to get lost if is not done properly. The fragrance itself is ambery, a bit balsamic and musky, another note that you can easily smell is the osmanthus, it opens up a bit fresh to then become more resinous and then balsamic oriental. Is masculine but I dare to say it could be unisex I personally love the amber in this and the balsamic scents are my thing, probably not for everyday but time to time I like something quite powerful. 

The sillage and projection are strong, the duration easily reach 12 hours, is original really hard to find something similar in the massive consume market. A must try for any amber lover. 


Evelin x