Book: Back Chat Beauty, The Beauty Guide for Real Life


Because life is full of beauty hacks is always nice to have a book from where we can go back time to time to check certain information. I can only remember myself back in high school, totally clueless of how to look after my skin, my terrible make up techniques, I mean..damn! I wish books like this and the whole social media was so available back then, but now is good to refresh some knowledge with this beauty.

Back Chat Beauty is basically a beauty guide for people with no clue from where to start their beauty routines or for beginners who wants some extra information to apply to the things they already know. This book has being written by Lisa Potter Dixon and Sophie Beresiner, if you are a Instagram user and consume British beauty bloggers those names might sound familiar for you.


This book covers skin, hair and makeup tips, advice and product recommendations, it has a touch of humour which it doesn’t surprise me from Lisa at least, she is one of the most cheerful people of the British beauty community. Is basically like having a chat about beauty, the way the book is designed and the information shared.


It was a funny and interesting read for me, I have to admit the information was not new for me as a beauty blogger I clearly need to know this things to give my advice but back 15 years ago…clearly would have appreciated a book like this


Publisher: Pavilion Books
ISBN: 9781911624646
Number of pages: 160
Weight: 560 g
Dimensions: 221 x 156 x 21 mm

Back Chat Beauty is available in Amazon UK and available worldwide in Book Depository

I hope you enjoyed he post and would love to know if you enjoy reading this kind of books and if you like fashion too.


Evelin x