Review: Antipodes, Flora and Credo Probiotic Skincare

On a regular basis when we talk about nutrition and how to keep a healthy gut and as a result a healthy skin, we talk about probiotics. In simple terms probiotics are the good bacteria that our body needs specially our digestive system to keep it working, normally when we have a lack of probiotics  is when we suffer from inflammation, chronic abdominal pain, food intolerance etc and fast enough we start seeing the effects on our skin.

In the last years the beauty industry started including probiotics on skincare products for fighting aging, oxidation and any damage mostly caused by the sun. So the past weeks I have been putting to the test the Flora and Credo new probiotic skincare products from Antipodes, a very well known natural and cruelty free skincare band from New Zealand and I was pretty surprised with the results.

Flora Probiotic Skin-Rescue Hyaluronic Mask

Innovative probiotic Kalibiome Sensitive harnesses good bacteria to balance the skin’s delicate flora, to reduce redness and itching, and encourage a blemish-free complexion. New Zealand harakeke flax gel promotes a smooth, healthy complexion, while plant hyaluronic acid provides enduring hydration. With COSMOS-certified fragrance of lavender and wild rose. 

I used this face mask twice a week for a while and really plumps and softens the skin greatly, specially during the season when it tends to get quite dry this helped me a lot. Basically you apply it a layer let it rest for 20 minutes, rinse it off and you are ready to apply a serum and cream to finish the routine. it a face mask that really nourish the skin, I have tried many and rarely see results but with this extra I needed because even when my skin is the combination type it can easily get dry due to the weather, hormones, stress and highly reactive to many products, so this is is a total yes for me.  

Credo Probiotic Ferment Revitalise Serum

Innovative probiotic Kalibiome AGE unites with kombucha, plant hyaluronic acid, and bamboo ferment to cultivate the growth of good bacteria, harmonising the skin’s delicate microbiome and strengthening the skin barrier against aggressors. Vitamin A alternative bakuchiol helps smooth the appearance of fine lines, while nutrient-rich avocado oil delivers a nourishing boost.
With COSMOS-certified fragrance of fresh apple. 

I have been using this serum twice a day everyday and the results showed up in 3 days, very smooth and soft skin, the lines on my forehead are basically gone, my face has regulated the serum production, the feeling after applying it is so refreshing specially if you do a little massage while you do it. Certainly a great option to fight aging and improve the skin texture. 


So far so good this collection gave me great results in a short time without causing any reaction, I couldn’t recommend it more.

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