Perfume Review: Soleil by Lalique

The dazzling light of fruit and spices, a zesty start to a beautiful morning. The addictive treat of a gourmand heart, golden and warm as the rays of the sun. The silky caress of Flowers and Musks, a radiant halo of feminine notes.

  • Top Notes: Bitter Almond, Cardamom, Mandarin
  • Heart Notes: Caffe Late, Jasmine, Pear Granita
  • Base Notes: Musks, Pink Praline, Sandalwood
  • Gender: Femenine
  • Concentration: Eau de Parfum
  • Olfactory Family: Gourmand
  • Perfumer: Alexandra Monet, Barbara Zoebelein, Benoist Lapouza

Soleil really surprised me, from the name to the bottle and a bit of the advertising I thought it would be a citrus soft summer fragrance, and I have to say I was totally wrong. The concept of Soleil is about a woman becoming joy and sunshine everyday of her life in fact this is a fragrance that I would highly recommend for everyday use, is not offensive, is classic but not overwhelming and certainly when you smell you get a sparks of joy. 

Starting with the sun shaped bottle, obviously Lalique designed and it’s so pretty and classy with the bracelet hanging from the neck. Now the juice was a big surprise because as I mentioned I was expecting a summery citrus ( I didn’t look at the notes first). This is a gourmand with some citrusy and spicy touch, actually the spices are more prevalent than the fruity notes, you can smell them as soon as you spray it and after 10 minutes it starts to dry down towards a creamy nutty and yet a bit spicy scent, it’s sweet but not sickly overwhelming sweet, it hit a medium point and remain there what makes it safe perfume for everyday use. As it settle on the skin you can also smell the sandalwood just giving it the fixation and spice but it’s not the typical perfume you can easily detect the sandalwood that sometimes overtake everything. 

Duration wise we can talk about 6 hours and projection of around a meter. Definitely is more a day scent that night although this is more a personal appreciation anyone can use a perfume whenever they like, but again this is more like a easy going creamy sweet spicy latte, cheerful, classy and mostly really hard to get bored of it.

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