Review: MAC Cosmetics, Frosted Firework Collection

Another year that MAC Cosmetics releases a lovely Christmas collection with so many products, highlighters, palettes, lipsticks, lip gloss, gift sets, etc. As a holidays collection we can imagine that we are going to find bright colours with glittery, metallic finish on each product, one of the most cheerful and truly festive collections out in the market.


Between the eye products there is obviously an eye palette but this time I think the winners are the individual extra dimension eye shades, they are five in total with a shimmer-metallic finish, creamy texture and highly pigmented easy to work with brushes or fingers, I normally struggle to blend shimmery metallics when they are so pigmented but this ones stunning and I think it was clever to make these colours as individuals as with palettes and the use the loose leftover of a shades start to over then other ones and it gets really messy so I enjoyed these ones. 

Each shades is £17.50 and is available at MAC Cosmetics website


It wouldn’t be a Christmas collection without a highlighter right? there are two shades available one is a light gold and then this white frosty one quite universal actually, as all MAC highlighter this one performs very well  for many hours and is not chalky at all.

Extra Dimension Skinfinish is £27 and is available at MAC Cosmetics Website


A burst of three dual-ended waterproof, long-wearing, Christmas-exclusive liners in pearlescent and metallic finishes. I don’t remember having a dual eye pencil in quite a while but it’s really handy, specially if you are not looking to have a bunch of eye pencils in your make up collection.

The powerpoint eye pencil is £16 and is available at MAC Cosmetics website


The lip glasses from MAC became a cult make up product and for the Christmas collection you can find three different shades, this one which is basically transparent with a bit of shimmer on it, a nude one and a purple one, all with hint of colour but not that much and obviously the shimmery effect, I wasn’t a fan of lip glasses but these one managed to grown on me. 

The lip glasses are £16.50 each and are available at MAC cosmetics website


Finally we do have the lipsticks, four different shades, obviously most of them turning around the reds, creamy and long lasting as always.

Each lipstick is £17.50 and is available at MAC Cosmetics Website

So far this collection is truly gorgeous and the one of the nicest the brand released in a while, specially packaging wise, so I wouldn’t wait long as this might sold out fast!

Evelin x

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