Perfume Review: Fleur Nocturne by Isabey

In 1925, Julien Viard designed for the Perfume House Isabey, a little jewel made of crystal called  “Bleu de Chine”. Only few pieces of what was considered as collectors’ items, are still available; one of them at the “Museum of Perfume” in Grasse, France. The same year, Ludwig Moser designed another bottle, with a Crystal Master from Karlsbad: a dark amethyst with hand painted patterns in a lozenge shape bottle. When the decision to produce a contemporary version was taken, it was not possible to use the original name as it was, in the meantime, registered by another company. However, the spirit of “Bleu de Chine” was captured by realising an exceptional scent treasured in a bottle that was treated with a unique process known as “Sublimation”. The dark blue colour and the unique decor have been kept on the new edition.


  • Top Notes: Mandarin, Apricot tree flower, White Peach
  • Heart Notes: Jasmine, Gardenia, Magnolia
  • Base Notes: Solar notes, Patchouli, Vanilla

Isabey is a house that surprise me every time I try a fragrance from them, the quality of the essential oils they to create their perfumes is really high and the way they blend them to create perfection is hard to describe. One note that Isabey totally mastered is the gardenia, one that truly smell like the flower and not a synthetic or plastic one.

When I sprayed Fleur Nocturne the first 15 min it reminded me a bit of Gardenia, the first perfume from this house I tried, it started like a boom of white flowers notes and the gardenia always prominent but it start with very creamy white florals and then it start to get floral fruity but not towards the gourmand I would say more powdery oriental, clearly the white peach is not the typical smell of peach conserve this one is more a dry peach that gives that fruity note without becoming too sweet and instead gives a powdery smell, if we wait a bit more then the vanilla and the patchouli takes over and gives the final oriental touch mixed with the creamy flowers, heavenly beautiful.

When it comes to projection, sillage and duration, here is when I want to make a point of why this brand is niche and when you get a bottle you actually get real quality, I have tried other mass consume brand new releases from this year that actually were expensive too, they all started very powerful and after two hours they became skin scent and one hour later more they are totally gone. 

I have done multiple tests with me a in other people and the projection is easily 2 meters, the sillage is there when you pass by and the duration of 12 hours, it doesn’t become weaker or skin scent, 12 hours non stop doing it’s job, is it unique? it really is, nothing generic on this, if you find a similar fragrance it would probably be with another niche brand but not in the mass market ones definitely not. For anyone looking for options for her wedding day, this one is on the list.

I hope you enjoyed the post

Evelin x


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