Perfume Review: J’adore infinissime EDP by Dior

J’adore has never really been a perfume I actually liked, it was released in 1999 and yes I was a child back then but I used to see girls on their 20’s using this perfume, that later it actually changed it formulation when Dior took their essential oils production in house and the quality changed and not really in a good way, same the fact that the house only have one perfumer, Francois Demachy which basicallly means the creative process only depends on one person which is not really wise in such a competitive market.The original is already an old fragrance, it screams decade of the 90’s an every time I smell it I can only think of a woman in her late 40’s. The lack of creativity from the house Dior in the past years created and abused of reformulations and flankers,  I lost the count of how many flankers, J’adore already has. J’adore in Joy was probably the one I like the most it has the DNA from the original and salt notes and i noticed young women tended to choose this rather than the old one. 

Now is the turn of Infinissime and these are the notes:

  • TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Blood orange
  • HEART NOTES: Centifolia rose, Jasmine sambac, Ylang ylang, Grasse tuberose
  • BASE NOTES: Sandalwood

This flanker doesn’t smell anything like the original J’adore actually, I don’t think is well blended because it has way TOO MUCH tuberose that at some point it could give a headache, you get a bit or jasmine and rose in the dry down but still the tuberose is so strong  that you can’t really enjoy the rest of the notes, and to be honest it smells like those strong nauseous perfumes from the late 80’s, for me this perfume smells of old woman like + 70 years old one, I was hoping the Ylang Ylang would fix the overdose but I actually think it made it even worst.

What surprised me the most is that when you spray it and for the first 15 minutes is really strong so I thought “great I’m going to smell like an old woman the entire day” the sillage and projection was massive too but after only two hours the sillage and projection were gone and it became skin scent, and an hour later it was totally gone. I was really surprised as it was very promising to last 8 hours minimum for how strong it was at the beginning. Another thing is that even if I try see the nice side of the fragrance is not unique at all, is a very generic actually I noticed from the LVHM brands (Givenchy, Guerlain, Kenzo and Dior and other) is like the copy each other and they all smell practically the same, this has a lot of similiarities to L’interdit and many other more. 

My final thoughts, Dior has been releasing fail after fail since Joy, I have the feeling the nose of the house is rather running out of creativity or working under pressure to release one or many fragrances (or flankers actually) per year, this perfume is quite generic with a very poor performance and way overpriced for what it’s, I would strongly recommend to try it and not doing a blind purchase.


Evelin x