Perfume Review: Wanted Girl by Azzaro


As I have shared here, I consider myself an extremely olfactory person, I associate immense perfumes with people, moments or memories in a snap of my fingers. I also believe it to be one of my sharpest senses. Having said that, it is extremely important for me to use a memorable fragrance. Normally, I always opt for very hot fragranes; in my opinion, very seductive and feminine.

It is very much in the wake of my preferences that I have found it pertinent to introduce you to Azzaro’s new feminine fragrance: Wanted Girl. The Wanted Girl is meant to reflect an adventurous woman, who lives each day intensely and without limits. It is extravagant, free, joyful and indomitable. It is defined as a fragrance that represents an ode to the femininity, freedom and extravagance of a woman who lives under her own rules.


  • TOP NOTES: Pomegranate, Ginger flower
  • HEART NOTES: Datura flower, Dulce de leche
  • BASE NOTES: Vetiver, Vanilla, Tonka bean

The Wanted Girl also escapes the traditional and does not present its aroma through top notes, heart and background; in Wanted Girl, the fragrance is enhanced through three note pads; blocks that represent the different sides of the woman that the perfume intends to exalt. The first block, called the “explosive” block, consists of pomegranate and ginger flower. The “additive” block is represented by Datura flower and milk candy and the third, but not least, “tempting” block houses the vetiver (also present in the Azzaro Wanted male) and the Tonka powder. The result is a woody floral fragrance with a very oriental and warm touch.

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with Wanted Girl. Although it is an imposing aroma, I believe it is versatile to the point that it can be easily used during the day. As I have already mentioned, it is a very memorable and feminine fragrance, with a sweet touch different from the fruity one. It’s think it’s a more sophisticated fragrance than it used to be the Versace Bright Crystal. I feel that it adheres very well to my skin and keeps quietly during my work day.

Wanted Girl is available in packs of 30 ml, 50 ml and 80 ml and is already available in selected perfumeries and yes, it is those perfumes that I truly recommend you try, if you have the opportunity. Impossible not to want to be a Wanted Girl!