Book: Higher Love: Everything you need to manifest more love in your life by Jordanna Levin

I have to admit I was a bit lazy or not working on manifesting as my desires are all over there place, I recently re read this book and managed to connect better as I realised that i was doing a whole mess of everything. Now this book talks in the vast majority about self love which is the key of any manifestation but not in a cliché way of “have a bath, buy yourself flowers” self love is far more than that.

The first part of the book talks about the “about you” getting to to know your own values, what do you look for, what do you want when it comes to love, are you love yourself?, I have to admit the vibration part wasn’t my favourite as the “vibration” thing is a toxic concept the law of attraction created “if you don’t vibrate high and remain happy you won’t get what you want”. But checking out who you are is a good way to become aware of your values and flaws. The second part of the book covers different types of love and developing your self worth, so to develop your self worth, what do you deserve, because let’s face it not all of us had loving partners or family and sometimes we lost the sense of our self worth when we had toxic people saying the opposite to us.

Now the final part: the dating world… I could write myself a bunch of horror stories about dating apps but also the issue is how to date? this have a clear guide of how to deal with dating online, apps social media etc.

So far was an interesting read, mostly recommended if you are dealing with bad luck on finding love and dealing with such a complicated scenario at it’s the dating world.

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