The Beautiful Mind Series: Vol.1 Intelligence and Fantasy, Vol.2 Precision and Grace

If we talk about avant-garde perfumery, without a doubt Escentric Molecules is one of the brands that tops the list, Molecule 01 basically became a cult fragrance. But Geza Schoen did’t stop there, he developed other lines of fragrances that didn’t have much publicity and became kind of a secret for people who are more deeply into the world of perfumery, until today that we are going to know more about the Schoen’s work.

The concept behind these fragrances is to celebrate women existence but not in the typically way we see it on perfume’s advertising of the sexy, beautiful and flawless women, this is not about beauty, these fragrances talk a lot about the inner characteristics women have like memory, grace, intelligence, creativity and all those qualities that will remain with us once the youth finally leaves. These are the two fragrances of the collection: 

Volume 1 Intelligence & Fantasy    



  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarine, Pink Pepper
  • Heart Notes: Tahiti Tiare, Freesia, Osmanthus, Rose
  • Base Notes: Cashmeran, Sandalwood, Cedar, Musks

Volume 1 opens with a citrusy/light spicy blend of pink pepper, bergamot and Osmanthus, is not the typical citric scent we get from lemons or similar fruits, is more aromatic that fruity and is it dries down it becomes floral with that nice rose and freesia notes than join the aromatic citrusy like a sort of transition to the tiare which if you have never heard of it is some sort of Gardenia from Tahiti, quite pricey raw material to work with, you can actually smell a real flower and non synthetic gardenia, sweet but not sickening, is soft, gentle and elegant specially when it reaches the ISO E super and the woods, musk and cashmeran. Sophisticated to another level because it has a decent projection and sillage but is not something we would find easily in the market at least not at the mass consume one. Also for being a citrus floral it has a decent duration of around 8 hours. Supposed to be for women but can easily be unisex.

Volume 1 Intelligence & Fantasy comes in 100 ml and is available at Harvey Nichols and Jovoy Mayfair       

Volume 2 Precision & Grace



  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Pear
  • Heart Notes: Freesia, Jasmine, Mimosa, Osmathus, Plum, Rose, Violet.
  • Base Notes: Myrrh, Amber, Moss, Sandalwood, Castoreum.

The fragrance is balanced between uplifting fruity notes and powdery florals, The top note of Williams pear springs out of the bottle with its crisp, juicy greenness. The heart of the fragrance is an unusual fruity-floral accord of Egyptian jasmine (the fruitiest of the jasmines) with plum. Harmonising with this key accord are airy florals such as mimosa, freesia and osmanthus, The drydown is warm and velvety, based on woods and musks.

Volume 2 Precision & Grace comes in 100 ml and is available at Harvey Nichols and Jovoy Mayfair 


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