Review: Rodial, Vit C Booster Drops and Brightening Mask

During the last couple of weeks I have been trying out two products from the Vit C range from Rodial, the serum and a face mask and I got very nice results in a short period of time, today apart of talking about these two products I want to share some useful information about the importance of incorporate Vitamin C on your skincare routine and of course try to include as much as you can in your diet.

This incredible antioxidant, anti-inflammatory nutrient is known to improve skin tone and texture, hydrate the skin, and reduce signs of aging, it’s widely used in cosmetic products. Researchers have discovered that when it comes to healthy skin, topical vitamin C can be a real game changer, adding vitamin C to your skin care routine can not only brighten your complexion but also protect against skin damage caused by sun exposure and harmful free radicals. 

In skincare products you would find it as by it’s scientific name: ascorbic acid is a water-soluble nutrient that plays an important role in keeping your skin healthy. Topical vitamin C is clinically proven to have a wide range of clinical applications thanks to its antioxidant, antiaging, antipigmentary properties. This potent nutrient offers many benefits for the skin, including the potential to:

  • Make collagen, used to keep skin youthful and plump
  • Heal wounds
  • Maintain and repair damaged skin and cartilage
  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brighten up complexion 
  • Even skin tone
  • Reduce the appearance of dark spots
  • Prevent premature aging

Whether your skin is dry, oily, or combination, vitamin C is beneficial for skin health, helping it look and feel healthier and younger longer.

Topical vitamin C is absorbed directly into the topmost layers of the skin, allowing it to get to work immediately on smoothing the skin, reducing fine lines and dark spots and protecting against free radicals. Vitamin C is available in facial moisturizers and serums. Serums are more concentrated than moisturizers and more easily absorb into the skin, which is why more skincare specialists recommend vitamin C serums. Sometimes, less is more. Most research says that vitamin C is best implemented into your skincare routine when used as a topical serum. Even serums containing low concentrations (under 1%) of vitamin C still deliver antioxidant protection and skin benefits.

Before you go all-in on the vitamin C, test a patch of skin with a lower-concentration formula to see how your skin reacts. Some minor tingling is normal, but if you experience anything more intense, stop using the product and talk to your dermatologist. 


Reduce Undereye Circles

When you notice dark circles under your eyes after a night or two of bad sleep, you’re actually seeing a network of blood vessels just under the skin. In a small clinical study, researchers observed that vitamin C helps reduce and prevent dark circles under the eyes by strengthening the otherwise thin, delicate skin under the eyes. Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties make skin more elastic and resilient, helping conceal the blood vessels underneath.

Collagen Production

Vitamin C is absolutely essential for producing collagen in the body. Collagen is the building block of skin, hair, muscles, and tendons, and it is what keeps our skin looking youthful and smooth.3 As we age, collagen production slows down, which may lead to sagging skin. When applied topically, vitamin C accelerates the production of both collagen and elastin, which help keep the skin plump and firm. Topical vitamin C can help prevent premature aging of the skin, restoring a youthful, smooth appearance to the skin.

Treats Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation, a common condition characterized by the development of darker spots on the skin is most often caused by overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays and environmental stresses. Although harmless, hyperpigmentation can make you appear older. One study found that vitamin C’s antioxidant properties play an important role in combating unwanted dark spots and preventing signs of aging caused by sun damage.4 Vitamin C also helps inhibit the production of tyrosinase, an enzyme that aids in the production of melanin, preventing hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C doesn’t have an effect on normal skin coloration it won’t fade away normal dark skin pigmentation, only the abnormal melanin deposits caused by sun damage. 

Hydrates Skin

Without sufficient moisture, the epidermis (top layer of skin) starts to dry out, which leads to itchy, scaly skin and premature aging. Hydration is vital to keeping your skin healthy and youthful-looking. Fortunately, vitamin C is clinically proven to help skin retain water, keeping it plump and smooth and preventing it from becoming too oily or dry. Researchers found that individuals who were given a supplement containing vitamin C showed significant and sustainable improvements in skin hydration, elasticity, and roughness.

Reduces Redness

Blotchy, uneven, and red skin can result from a number of factors, including inflammatory skin conditions (e.g., eczema and rosacea), sun exposure, hormones, and medical conditions. But you don’t have to live with skin redness, thanks to vitamin C. A significant body of research shows that this powerhouse vitamin minimizes redness thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.6 Vitamin C also helps mend damaged capillaries that cause skin redness, creating a smoother, more even complexion.

Rodial Vit C Brightening Mask

Infused with Vitamin C and a blend of exfoliating fruit acids, glycolic acid and AHAs to brighten even skin tone, this light weight face mask. It has a soft 5% concentration of Vitamin C which makes it quite gentle to even the most sensitive skin type, what I love about it is that is blended with other ingredients like AHAs, etc, when the ascorbic acid is blended with another active ingredients the results are even faster and better and we avoid having to purchase more products and we get a far simpler and effective routine.

Key benefits:

  • Vitamin C an antioxidant known to help boost skins radiance and even skin tone

  • Fruit acid AHAs, known to help boost moisture levels in the skin while gently exfoliating

  • Lactic Acid works to gently exfoliate the skins surface breaking up dead skin cells to visibly even out the skin tone

  • Glycolic Acid help to smooth and retexturize the skin through exfoliation

As you could notice this mask basically is a chemical exfoliator, you avoid getting any damage caused by mechanical exfoliation like tools, or creams with microplastics. I personally use it twice a week but for some people just once a week would be enough, also I tend to do it during the night, I apply it let it rest for 15-20 min and rinse it off you can do this during the day but always when you use acids make sure to apply religiously the SPF. In my case I got noticeable results in one week, brighter, glowy and softer texture skin also helped me a lot with some dark patches and skin one issues mostly due to my hormonal skin.

Rodial Vit C Brightening Mask comes in 20 ml and 50 ml and is available the Rodial’s website

Rodial Vit C Booster Drops

Including a Vitamin C serum in your day and night skincare routine is such a game changer but if you have a very sensitive skin or its not used to ascorbic acid there is a chance you can get a reaction, this mostly happens with higher concentrations, this one has 6%  is very gentle but quite effective.

Key benefits:

  • Vitamin C an antioxidant known to help boost skins radiance and even skin tone.

  • Babassu Oil, rich in antioxidants known to improve skin texture.

  • Vitamin B5 helps to support healthy-looking skin and known to nourish, condition and hydrate the complexion.

Rodial Vit C Boost Drops comes in 30 ml and is available at the Rodial’s Website

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