L’Oreal Paris Eye Palettes: Cherry My Cheri & Berry Much Love

During the last 2-3 years there was a boom on the consumption of eyeshadow palettes, lovely to play with,plenty of colours but many of them were high end that’s when L’Oreal decided to break the ice with more affordable options, most of them were small ones till they jumped on bigger ones with 16 shades the first one was Cherry My Cheri, a peachy nude and then Berry Much Love a plummy option. So today I want to share with you this two options.



This palette has 16 warm toned shades: 8 matte, 4 shimmer and 4 satin shades, all of which are super wearable. All 16 shades have a fantastic colour payoff, apply effortlessly and blend beautifully and have a good wear time. It really is an everyday palette from the price tag to the colour range. The quality improved a little bit from the previous eyeshadows by Loreal. It kind of reminds me of the Peach Palette from Too Faced

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They are not chalky or patchy, I have to say they work better with a wet brush, the pigmentation is quite natural as peachy colours should not be extremely pigmented to get the natural look, they blended well and I think that price is ok for 16 shadows, all of them easy to wear, easy to carry for a trip, I think it’s a very nice option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money in expensive similar palettes.


Loreal Berry Much Love Palette 4

This palette reminds me a bit of Blood Sugar from Jefree Star, obviously not as strong and pigmented or exact but kinda goes that way, an even when this one is not really an everyday option like Cherry my Cheri, is still a nice for people who love plummy colours, I havent seen many affordable palattes with these shades.

This was not really my favourite, I liked the colours but the pigmentation was not good enough, they are not chalky but they are a bit patchy, I think the formula changed for this palette as it didn’t work as well as the previous one, it was a real shame as the shades are really lovely but some of them were really hard to work with as the pigmentation was pretty poor, maybe with a wet brush, but sadly is a NO from me.

As you can see I was a bigger fan of the Cherry my Cheri, but when it comes with eyeshadows Loreal is pretty tricky, sometimes they are a hit and sometimes a miss but we only found out once we try them.

Love xoxo