Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Collection


Bobbi Brown is probably one of my faves on skin preparation, such a primers, foundation and lately I have been discovering their colour side, that’s why I got really excited when the Primer Plus Collection came out, this collection is all about primers, 4 of them for all skin needs, totally different from each other and now we are going to know about them.



This primer is all about the glow, that’s why it has a light pinkish colour, texture wise is creamy and not grease at all, as any other primer it need to applied before the foundation, helping to give a very nice and natural glow to the skin, specially for the matte foundation for combination/oily skin to do not have that matte and dull skin effect, this one helps to keep the skin not too shinny but with a light sophisticated glow. Also I noticed that it helps my foundation (and tried with many different brands) to last longer as many of them tend to dissapear during the day, really really love this natural glowy finnish it leaves and the fact that it works so well with my foundation, plus it has a SPF 35, good for the ones who are a bit lazy applying SPF everyday. The Primer Plus Radiance SPF 35 comes in a 40 ml size.



As you can imagine this primer is mostly for combination/oily skin types, it really helped during the warm weather days as my foundation sometimes tend to melt away leaving a Freddy Krueger effect which is not really nice, plus my T-zone is really oily. What I like about this product is that if I use it my skin gets a matte effect but no too much, so I can actually use a regular foundation then I get more a natural look and not a matte with no glow, I  like the “keep it matte but not dry effect”. The Primer Plus Mattifier comes in a size 40 ml.



SPF 50 that’s what all primer should actually have to actually skip the SPF cream before, this one is a bit tricky for the aplication, it needs to be applied very well and let it sink before the foundation comes otherwise it would feel a bit greasy, if you use it just as SPF then it’s fine, but I did enjoy the texture, nice smell, makes the skin look good, so I like it. The Primer Plus Protection SPF 50 comes in a 40 ml size.



The last ones is a primer spray, good option if you enjoy a light mist over your face or you want a quickler option before foundation, also a lighter option if you do not really want a creamy option. I personally quite like it, sometimes i like to apply thermal water before primers when I do not want a moisturiser, specially the hot days so a primer as a mist is actually a really nice option for me, totally go for it. The Primer Plus Hydrating 3-in-1 Setting Spray comes in a 100 ml size.

I quite enjoy this collection, all of them are very useful with very nice texture, effect on skin, very friendly with all type of foundations, and remember that they are Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, Phthalate-free, Mineral oil-free and Vegan, so totally recommend them!

Love xoxo