Setting Your Goals For 2023 with Magic of I

Another year goes by and it comes that moment to prepare for a new one full goals, projects and dreams, this is when is good to have a little help to keep track of our time, our thoughts, and just a little place to escape and become aware of how we are using our precious time on earth.

Another year goes by and it comes that moment to prepare for a new one full goals. Switch off from the world for ten minutes, sit down with a cup of tea and think, do a check out out about where you’re right now in life (personally and mentally), how is your work or college, how is your home and finances.

What areas of you life do you feel need a change or improvement? Setting goals is all about creating new habits that would add value to our lives, get rid of the ones they don’t and get better on the weak points and flaws we might have.


When it comes to organisation we have to divide it on 3 levels : Yearly, monthly and daily planning. For this task I’m using the Magic of I 2023 astrological planner, is the second year I’m using it due to the high quality material is made of, is so beautiful, it includes a huge amount of astrological information specially referred to the moon. When it comes to organisation it comes a monthly, weekly and daily planner, the way is designed really helps on breaking down things.

1.Year at a glance: Look at your year in general, which are those dates that you are already compromised or have to remember (birthdays, weddings, exams, trips, moving dates, etc) this will help to already get an idea which dates you won’t be available or what you have to plan ahead, also whenever you get a new event you just add it to the calendar so you can quickly notice it once you open your planner.

2.Month at a glance: This particular planner has in each month a calendar where you can big picture of important dates and before jumping to the first day we have a section of “Monthly goals” and “intentions”, there are certain goals that are for the long term, and the medium to the short term, let’s see an example here, imagine you want to start to get fit and work out more, if you have been on the sedentary mode for a while clearly you shouldn’t kill your self at the gym the first day, otherwise you will be in extreme pain or even injure yourself and would end up quitting this goal, creating a good habit require baby steps so your brain will slowly will get into what is new and slowly ditch the passive life. But remember everything requires a goal without a plan it end being only a wish, so look at your month and think how often you can do something, probably you will see at the beginning planning for a month can be tricky for certain activities that’s when you check the weekly planner.

 3.Week at a glance: This part is probably my favourite, i sit down each Sunday and plan my week, I don’t always know what the next month will bring but I know for sure what I have to do during the next week, from work to school, extra courses I might be taking, doctor appointment, any possible paper work that I need to do, shopping for groceries, you name it. Let’s say again I want to start working out, I would normally say “yes I’m going to do it everyday” chances are that I will drop it after two days, have a look at the week planner and choose to work out 3 days per week, you have higher chances to achieve that and probably next month you will add more days.


When you open this planner before getting into January you will find a section that I actually never really consider it before, it shows 8 areas of life where you can settle your intentions, to mention some that for a while have been totally underrated: spiritual and mental, well today we are well aware of the importance of emotional intelligence and how it affects our life even our health, I’m not a religious person at all but I’m aware we all have an spirit and essence and sometimes a past we need to heal to be able to grow, the planner has in each area two pages one is for “What I would like” the other “actionable steps”. 

These 8 areas and how to settle intentions is very well explained in the planner so for me it helped a lot to create awareness.

Use a tracker: There are plenty of apps that keep track of your progress and remind you everyday to do something, (I use one to remind me several times a day to drink water and reach the 2 Lt per day) for other activities I use a notebook where I create a calendar and I mark the days I have done certain activity, the idea is to don’t add many things otherwise it will become overwhelming, remember trackers are there to remind and create awareness but not as a way to punish or judge yourself. 

Setting deadlines: kicking things for later is always very tempting and we tend to fall for it a lot, procrastination would only lead to create a massive mountain of things to do and a mess of not knowing where to start because probably everything is important, some people love to do thing under pressure and at the edge of any limit but is not healthy as you probably will end up sacrificing, hours of proper sleep, crewing your mental health and stress because deep down you know you have things to do. 


In the last 3 years I have adopted the habit of journaling, now I remember when I was a teenager I would just put hearts an the name of my crush and a lot of corny non sense that’s why when I became an adult I dropped the habit and it was not till I turned 30 that I noticed the benefits of this practice. Now I don’t put hearts but you can be creative and draw and play with the imagination. 

Now to be able to settle goals you need to look at yourself first an identify your fears, your dreams, your strong points and flaws, where would you like to be and if you already have a goal, ask yourself why do you want it? what is the main purpose? this is something I always recommend on a daily practice when it comes to finances, many people want to be rich and have a beautiful big house, cars etc, because it’s really easy to lose control and end up in situation even worst than the previous one, just look at those people who win the lottery and not long after they end up poor. Same situation with those ones who earn loads of money with very good jobs but they have very poor spending habits and then many years of work end up being all for nothing. 

Always ask yourself for the reasons why and create a plan. 

The first thing I do each month is to create “check in” sections in my journal How I feel emotionally, physically and spiritually. Emotionally: If I feel happy, sad, with anxiety and thinking why you are feeling that way, this will help to improve those areas that make you happier and detect the people or situations that don’t, who are the the vitamin people in your life and who are the toxic ones? don’t be surprised or ashamed to find out that one close person (relative, friend or partner) is draining your life. Physically: How many times have you visited the doctor after being struggling with certain pain and then the doctor ask you how long have you been feeling like that and you don’t remember? what if you had an injury or illness and you are recovering, is always nice to see the evolution you had, same if you have been working out and managed to lose some weight or build some muscle, writing down these things create awareness of our progress. Spiritually: Quite often we get haunted by events from the past that end up creating insecurities in our present (bullying at school, dysfunctional family, abusive partners, getting heartbroken by someone) or we could be dealing with anxiety and sometimes we don’t even notice and that would be end up affecting our work, studies or even health. Many times we get challenged by a society that push us to become another sheep so so is good to keep our essence, dropping your feelings, gratitude and affirmations would make a positive impact in your life in a world that currently try to change you. 

As I previously mentioned I have been using the Magic of I. planner and journal and I decided to do it again in 2023, it not only helps you a lot to keep you organised and on track but also it helped me a lot to check my inner self and how I feel in a world that we are constantly rushing. The planner specially is completely different of the average format that make you feel like a machine, you can actually find the following features in it:


  • Comprehensive astrological reference guide
  • Monthly astrological calendar and aspectarian
  • Weekly planner with all aspects + moon movements
  • Month at a glance (sun, moon themes + transits)
  • Yearly moon phases + signs calendar
  • New moon + full moon dates list
  • Exact aspects yearly overview
  • Monthly new + full moon intentions journal pages
  • Planetary movements and retrogrades visual guide
  • Retrograde + direct dates list
  • Void moon times + eclipses
  • All ingresses, stations + exact aspects included
  • Planetary year ephemeris + mini monthly ephemeris
  • Astro-Mycology: connecting sky to earth


  • January to December
  • Optimum Times Life Guide™
  • 2023 intentions yearly planning work book
  • Monthly goals + intentions
  • Weekly goals + actionable steps
  • Menstrual cycle tracking with the moon
  • Weekly 7 day planner
  • General holiday dates
  • 2023 & 2024 calendar
  • A learning tool for beginners
  • A tracking tool for Astrologers

Magic of I is available in USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia, check out Magic of I website.

Evelin x