Beauty And Wellness Christmas Gift Guide 2022

That time of the year arrived and Christmas shopping started for many, although I’m the kind that do it at the very last minute, anyway I’m doing couple of gift guides with products I personally use and recommend and others that I consider useful and nice and won’t end up collecting dust in a corner. The true is that there are a bunch of gift guides out there full of paid to promote junk that I personally wouldn’t use neither the people I know, because there is nothing worst than a random gift that has nothing to do with the person who receive it.

FOREO Luna 4 Mini

The new LUNA 4 Mini, an essential for any skin care buff looking to improve your cleansing regime, this brings you the power to achieve the perfect cleanse and healthy glow in just 60 seconds. If blemishes are the bane of your existence and the fear of bacteria build-up FOREO has created this pocket-sized cleansing device using ultra-hygienic silicone, with non-porous touchpoints that are quick to dry keep bacteria at a firm distance from your skin. Boasting up to 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute this not only boosts your cleansing ritual, but also helps to relax tense facial muscles and improve lymphatic drainage, tired, puffy faces. 

Regular price £169. Available at Foreo, Cult Beauty, Harrods, Current Body 

Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser

For good oral health, brushing alone is not enough. If plaque and food debris are left untreated it can lead to gum disease and bad breath. To remove plaque, it’s recommended to first floss and then brush daily. Waterpik is recommended by UK Dental Professionals and the best way to floss by cleaning between teeth and below the gum where other devices miss. Cordless Plus Black features dual pressure, ergonomic design with non-slip grip and easy to fill water reservoir with 45 seconds of flossing capacity. 

Regular Price £40. Available at Boots, Argos, Amazon UK

Evolve, The Super Treats Skincare Set

Indulge in some self-love with Evolve Super Treats, three targeted face masks to clarify, exfoliate and nourish. Go for fruity exfoliation with the Miracle Mask, a golden glow with our Bio-Retinol Gold Mask or clarify with the True Balance SOS Mask. Discover Quora Noni used in the green clay True
Balance SOS mask, a microbiome communication hacker which works to disarm bacteria and stop them replicating and upsetting the skin’s surface. Bidens pilosa used in the Bio-Retinol Mask which comes from a flowering plant found in Central America, acts like a natural retinoid, rejuvenating the skin by smoothing and plumping out wrinkles and stimulating collagen. And Fruit AHA’s, which star in the Miracle AHA 3 Minute Mask, gently shed dead skin from the surface and plump skin leaving it smooth and radiant. The fruit complex contains Glycolic acid from Sugar cane together with Lactic, Citric, Malic and Tartaric acids from Bilberry, Orange, Lemon and Sugar Maple.

Includes Bio Retinol Gold Mask 30ml, Miracle AHA 3 Minute Mask 30ml, True Balance SOS Mask 30ml

Regular price £30 Available at Evolve Beauty

Aja Botanicals by Tilly, into The Mystic Natural Wax Candle

Perfect for clearing the energy in the home, setting intentions and lifting spirits, a revitalising and energising fragrance with fresh, woody notes of the forest. Handcrafted with essential oils of Cedarwood, Oakmoss and Lavender to help inspire focus and bring clarity to the mind. This naturally fragranced candle is made with sustainable soya wax and a cotton wick. Available in generous white single wick 220g and also as a three-wick candle 460g (in white or black) which has a more powerful throw ideal for a larger space. Burn time approximately 35 hours/220g and 40 hours/460g.

Regular price £50 and £80 available at AJA Botanicals by Tilly

Temple Spa, Rise Up Candle

This aromatic Christmas candle will invite the warming aromas of a festive Mediterranean garland into your space and create a glowing ambiance.

Vibrant citrus notes are balanced with rich plum, leather and a hint of delicate florals, rose and jasmine, while base notes of oakmoss and tonka bean rise up to deliver a full-bodied aroma. A comforting fragrance cleverly blended to cocoon your senses and fill your home with light and warmth.

Regular price £35 available at Temple Spa

Absolute Aromas, Refresh Reed Diffuser

This Reed Diffusers make the perfect luxurious addition to any home, presented in stylish frosted glass bottles with high quality reeds, designed to release our natural essential oil blends delicately yet effectively into your home, creating a beautifully fragranced home.

It features an energising blend of essential oils including, Spearmint, Lime and Sweet Orange, specially formulated to help elevate the senses and revitalise the body and mind naturally. Really nice fragrance that can become a decorative touch at any corner of the house without taking almost no space.

Regular price £25, available at Absolute Aromas

Olverum, Restful Sleep Pillow Mist

Olverum Pillow Mist expertly blends essential oils prized for their soothing qualities, and is designed to evoke sensations of comfort, calm and cleanliness. The sweet citrus notes of bergamot, the warm, rich woodiness of amyris, and the full-bodied fruitiness of potent high-altitude lavender combine to create a uniquely sumptuous and somniferous scent.

Regular Price £26.50 at Space NK, John Lewis, Sephora UK

PMD Clean Mini

An affordable cleanser device option and different design too, small yet mighty, the PMD Clean Mini is a smart facial cleansing device that combines SonicGlow™ technology, and ultra-hygienic silicone to effectively cleanse and refresh the skin.

With customisable settings suitable for a range of skin types, the electric cleanser achieves 7000 vibrations a minute, to break down dirt and oil from within the pores. Whether you want to cleanse your skin, or switch up the settings to massage in your favourite serums and moisturisers, the multi-function bestseller is designed to enhance your skincare routine.

Regular Price £59, available at Sephora UK, Lookfantastic