Perfume Review: Curaçao Bay by Jacques Fath

Wind caresses on the face, marine notes in the air, sensations of freedom and exaltation. Curacao Bay is a voyage to the blue horizon. The natural Grey Amber infusion, rare, with the iodine facets, confers to this perfume a truly warm oceanic cocktail of scents.

  • Top Notes: Lemon, Tangerine, Petit Grain Bigarade, Orange, Green notes
  • Heart Notes: Marine notes, Frangipani blossom, Black-currant
  • Base Notes: Musks, Grey Amber Infusion, Woody notes
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Concentration: Eau de Parfum
  • Olfactory Family: Woody Aquatic 
  • Perfumer: Cecile Zarokian

Opening up with the citrus notes of tangerine, lemon blended with freshness of the petit grain and green notes, it has a fresh citrus splash that goes around probably 10 minutes and it’s starts to dry down leaving the citrusy towards the aquatic marine notes but it’s not just a plain aquatic scent, the frangipani starts to show up like vanilla-coconutty that together with the amber, musk and woody accords. Normally all aquatic fragrances are sharp leading towards masculine, Curacao Bay is an beachy aquatic with a creamy touch of sweetness from the frangipani and soft woods and musk that makes it smell like holiday in a bottle, the fresh sea, sun, a sweet cocktail all combined to make a very distinctive scent. I have been trying another aquatic scents lately and the vast majority are sharp or are way too masculine, this one is perfectly unisex. When it comes to projection well it’s actually a powerful one, and duration it lasts with two sprays about 8 hours and then becomes skin scent that can easily be detected. 

I was highly surprised by this one as by the name and colour I was expecting another aquatic perfume of the huge amount in the market, but it was seriously so good, creative and performance so well, perfect for the summer time, although I can easily wear it during the autumn. A good 9/10.

Evelin x