Perfume Review: Lilas Exquis by Jacques Fath

Imagine yourself walking through a field of lilacs that just bloomed, that was basically how I felt when I tried Jacques Fath’s Lilas Exquis. Panouge Paris is in charge of creating fragrances for the brand as it does for Isabey, another niche brand that I never tire of recommending on my blog. In the case of Isabey, true floral notes were achieved, particularly gardenia, which is very difficult to obtain and the vast majority fail and end with an artificial scent. Something similar happened with lilacs, all the fragrances that I tested had an artificial smell far from the true one, so it caused me a lot of curiosity and I did not think twice when I saw that Jaques Fath had an exclusive fragrance of this flower.

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Hyacinth, Blueberry
  • Heart Notes: Lilac, Violet Cream accord, Magnolia, Linden blossom
  • Base Notes: Ambrette absolut, Timbersilk, Ambroxan, Musk
  • Gender: Femenine
  • Concentration: Eau de Parfum
  • Olfactory Family: Floral Musky
  • Perfumer: Luca Maffei

When I read that Luca Maffei is the perfumer behind Lilas Exquis it made me want to try the fragrance quickly, Luca is a specialist in working with raw materials, normally the fragrances that have lilac in their notes tend to give an artificial scent that is far away from the original aroma of the flower, something very similar happens with the hyacinth, they are flowers that in nature have a greenish floral scent.

First I must say that the brand suggests that this perfume is unisex, I do not agree very much for me this fragrance is very feminine in fact it is a fragrance that I would easily recommend to any woman who is looking for something special to wear on her wedding day.

Lilas Exquis is a very delicate greenish floral fragrance with touches of musk and ambroxan that make it a little woody and I say that only a little because the magic is to able to continue detecting each of the flowers in its notes, lilacs and hyacinth are predominant but the Violet, Magnolia, Linden blossom are easily detectable and the unique fruity note of blueberry that it has, is very soft just like the fruit in its natural state.
It is not sweet to the extreme, only the precise contribution of its floral notes that when raw has that fresh greenish touch, in terms of saddle and projection it is approximately one meter with a long duration of 12 hours, that is to say that it is very delicate and easy to carry but very long-lasting and suitable for any time of the year, both hot and cold.

I found it to be a unique, original, feminine, very sophisticated and high-quality fragrance considering that for a niche brand the prices are accessible and there are different bottle sizes, in short, a true lilac fragrance for those looking for that original scent.

I hope you enjoyed the review and feel free to leave any question or comment below.


Evelin x



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