Review: Sculpted By Aimee, Cream Luxe Collection

When it comes to make up I always found creamy texture far easier to work with than powders probably because I blending with my fingers I manage to build up everything faster and just like I want it, so this time I come with three new in from Sculpted by Aimee the successful brand from the Irish make up artist Aimee Connolly, I tried a couple of her products before and they are amazing, well the brand has this new Cream Luxe Collection which are basically are individual creamy blush, highlighter and bronzer, a minimalist luxe collection for a quickly make up look without so many products.


This collection has a bronzer, a highlighter and a blush each of them comes in two shades.

Cream Luxe Highlighter 

Tap onto the tips of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and along the cupid’s bow for a glowing finish. These can also be used along the brow bone & tear duct to make the eyes pop. 

PEARL POP: The lightest cream base which gives a pearlescent hue to the skin that literally reflects the light.

CHAMPAGNE CREAM: It’s all in the name and you deserve to drench yourself in this champagne toned goodness that will lift and add luminosity to all skin tones

This is quite a powerful highlighter, the first time I tried it I ended with too much on my face but luckily it blends beautifully, you can build it up the way you like it, I much prefer a natural glow I don’t like when is extremely shinny, is far easier to apply it with the fingers although for hygienic reasons, I use first my brush to collect the product and then once in my face I use my hands.  

Cream Luxe Blush

Taking inspiration from the Full Face Edit Cream Tint, now available as an individual blush, with a brand new shade offering too. Pop Cream Blush onto the apples of the cheeks and blend outwards towards your contour. You can also use these on the lips for the perfect makeup coordination, I also used as eye shadow.

PINK SUPREME: Ideal if you love a pink tint finish to any makeup look. Apply it to the lips for the perfect pout.

PEACH POP: ideal for someone who likes their blush with a more semi-matte finish.

Cream Luxe Bronzer

Brand new to the Sculpted range is the softest cream bronze that will ever grace your face. Apply the Cream Bronze collection to the hollows of the cheeks and around the hairline for a bronzed and sculpted look. These can also double up as a creamy eyeshadow

LIGHT / MEDIUM: For those with a fair to light complexion, apply to the hollows of the cheeks for the ultimate sculpted look

MEDIUM / DARK: Bring some warmth to your look with medium / dark, ideal for medium to deeper skin tones for a chiseled look.

Eye: Bronzer Medium/Dark with Blush in Peach pop, Blush Peach pop, and Champagne Cream Highlighter

I have been using these three products quite a lot lately to have a quickly make up look to go to work, I quite like the fact it was easy to collect the product from the pan and it was not like those rock hard products that you need to press hard to collect the product either with a brush or fingers, the texture is divine blended so well like “paw paw paw! done” quickly simple and classy look in few minutes, it was quite long lasting I actually much prefer when the make up settle down after few hours and looks super natural without fading away.

You can build it up as you prefer, soft, medium or intense that’s something good about creamy products is far easier to choose the intensity without much effort compared to powders. 

Each one of these is £16 and are available at Sculpted by Aimee’s Website and Boots 


I hope you enjoyed the post and feel free to drop any comment or question!

Evelin x





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