Wellness Gift Ideas: Wellbox Mindfulness Box

Call it lockdown, lack of time, a present to a special someone  or just a present to yourself, Well being and self cares boxes have became popular since the madness in the world started, either companies give to the the employees , if we want to make a gift to someone or we just want to treat ourselves, a box full of goodies depending the topic you want is always a nice gift. In this opportunity I got the Mindfulness Box from Wellbox a service specialised on creates these boxes with different types to choose for companies staff and individuals.

As I mentioned I got the Mindfulness box which it was not only a treat for me but also for each one of these purchased comes with a £1 donation to mental health charity Mind on behalf of you or your company.    

So far the items we can find in this box are:

  • Scented Candle Jar
  • Zen Valley Gratitude Journal for Morning Mindset and Evening Reflection
  • Booming Bob Essential Oil Concentrate – you will need to mix this!
  • Nourishing Bath Crystals
  • Teapigs Teabags
  • Phizz Hydration & Multivitamins Food Supplement Fizzer Tablets
  • Nudie Snacks Premium Toasted Coconut Chips
  • I Love Snacks 70% Dark Belgian Chocolate Drops
  • Motivational Affirmation Card

Self love or having a relative or friend living far away, this box really screams “switch off, time to love yourself” lit that scented candle prepare a bath with nourish crystals, put some comfy clothes and prepare a warm teapig rub some essential oil on your wrists and take some chocolate or snack relax and write your gratitude journal because trust me, we have a lot to be grateful about.

So far it was a wonderful experience, is like having a plan for the day in a box specially for those periods when feeling down or far away from a beloved ones.

Check out Wellbox Mindfulness and other boxes in their website


Evelin x




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