Review: Bioderma, Sebium Skincare Routine For Combination, Oily and Prone to Acne Skin

When it comes to skincare there are constant improvements from the vast majority of the brands, as they say “if you snooze you lose” and one of the top French laboratories, Bioderma knows very well how to keep a minimalist but advanced range or products for all the skin types, today I want to introduce to the new additions to Sebium range, specialised in combination , oily and prone to acne skin. 

The Sebium range has a nice selection of products for the skin types I mentioned before with very gentle formulas that treat the oiliness without over drying the skin or clogging pores, the two products that have been recently added to the family are a lotion (toner) and a night peel. This skincare routine that only has the moisturiser missed at the end, (the sebium range has four types of moisturiser to choose from) the rest is a very simple routine to follow everyday.


Either you need a make up remover or go for the double cleansing I always recommend to do it gently, over cleansing your skin or using harsh products end up causing far more harm to the skin than anything else, as the larger organ in the body it needs its own defence, this what we call the microbiome, which is basically the “good” bacteria, if we use harsh products or too much cleanse we end up leaving this skin without the biome that protects it.

So one product that adapts perfectly well to the skin pH is the micellar water H2O, you probably saw the pink one that is the most famous and is for normal skin, the difference with this sebium one is the ingredients as its enriched with purifying agents, zinc gluconate and copper sulphate, Sébium H2O purifies the skin and limits sebaceous secretion. The patent natural complex raises the skin’s tolerance threshold.

I personally only use micellar water in my night routine as first cleanser, I remove all the make up in case I have it, or soft first cleanse that removes properly well the SPF and that left of pollution that sticks to the pores, I just pour micellar water on my reusable pads and in 1 minute my skin is done for the second step.    

Bioderma Sebium H2O is available in 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml at the NAOS Store, Feelunique and Boots


A gentle cleansing gel is the most recommended to to combination, oily and prone to skin types, I personally use this as my only cleanser in the morning and as a second one in my night routine. Nothing extraordinary here, is water based , simple and all we need. Is soap free and comedogenic, containing zinc sulphate and copper sulphate, it cleanses the epidermis, reduces the number of blemishes, and limits sebum secretion.

Something that tend to be a mistake that everyone with combination, oily skin we do is to think that we need to feel our skin dry and tight in order to have a clean skin, for many years that was the common believe as many products for our skin type would contains huge amounts of alcohol ans astringents were all over the shelves now you practically don’t see them anymore. Everytime I use this gel my skin feel and look clean but never dry or tight just normal.

Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant is available in 200ml and 500 ml at NAOS Store, Feelunique and Boots    


Sébium Lotion is a toner that help to re-balance the skin pH after the cleanse and prior to any serum or moisturiser, in the ingredients list we can find these main actives:

– Glycerin, a hydrating agent naturally present in the skin, adds necessary hydration.

– Zinc, combined with vitamin B6 regulates sebum production.

– Capryloyl glycine regulates the skin’s pH levels to avoid the development of spots.

– The exclusive patented complex biologically regulates sebum quality, keeping pores from becoming clogged and limiting the formation of blemishes.

This has been one of the new releases and certainly works very well, I normally don’t get impressed by toners but this one is perfectly well developed for oily skin and acne, is not over drying instead it keep the skin moisturised and under control, I really noticed the change after few days of using it, perfect for people who wants a toner that actually does something but without felling into the ones with acids or other actives. 

Bioderma Sebium Lotion is available in 200 ml at the NAOS Store


Last but not least Bioderma released the Sebium Night Peel, a gentle peel at home for combination to oily skin with blemishes:

– 15% Glycolic acid provides it with its peeling action. This AHA acid is naturally found in fruit and is frequently used by dermatologists for peels due to its high efficacy and tolerance. It has surface keratolytic action. It reduces blemishes and scarring while restoring radiance by promoting skin renewal

-The exclusive Fluidactiv patented complex biologically regulates sebum quality, keeping pores from becoming clogged and limiting the formation of blemishes

– D-Panthenol offers restructuring and soothing properties.

The way to use this peel at home is after cleaning your skin, to be used only at nights for a period of 4 weeks, leave it to act the entire night and rinse it off in the morning. The brand recommends to give it a rest of one month before start using it again after the 4 weeks.

I have been using it for that amount time and noticed the changes, obviously is not the same as going for a professional peeling, this one is far softer and works a little bit slower, but the first week you can already notice a skin with better texture, softer, a unified skin tone. I have scares from my teenager wild acne years and every now and then I get my hormonal acne break outs so keeping a decent texture was always a main struggle for me, so far this one helped me on improving my skin specially during those periods of time I feel helpless but don’t want over doing with so many products.     

Bioderma Sebium Night Peel is available in  40 ml at the NAOS website

So far this Bioderma made quite an addition to the Sebium range with the lotion and the night peeling, dealing with acne and oiliness can be really frustrating at times and finding products would not make the condition even worst is not always easy. My best advice is to keep it simple don’t include a bunch of products specially if you are not quite sure of their function, to this routine I just shown you just add a moisturiser and a SPF and that’s it specially if you are a teenager or young adult. 


I hope you enjoyed the post! feel free to leave any question or comment


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