Lone Design Club: Discovering Independent Conscious Brands

When it comes to fast fashion, consumerism out of control is hard to develop a conscious shopping habits, we are invaded by massive brands with many times lack of ethics from the materials and working force they use, environmental impact, animal testing, and many other things that sometimes we ignore. In the other hand I also feel like the exclusivity, the unique design of certain products is something we are missing.

Recently I discovered Lone Design Club, founded in May 2018 as the result of emerging international fashion + lifestyle brands uniting with like-minded businesses in rising up, taking control and shaping the future of retail. all independent brands and designers who bring that uniqueness that we are losing in a mass production world. From clothes, home decor, jewellery, beauty products. You can find a bunch of different options and brands to choose from.

I recently have been trying out some beauty product from a couple of brand who take part of this project and I was glad to be able to try products from brands that escape a bit of the big ones, I like to know there are options of extremely nice quality  


The first brand I tried was bubu Skincare, and I tried exfoliating sheet mask which combined Charcoal, Clay and AHA. It was different as I never tried sheet mask that exfoliate the skin, the vast majority are serum concentrated. 

The way it works is basically adding the facemask that has mud on it, let it rest for about 15 minutes in your face and then washing off with gentle massages to your face. I have used it for my Sunday Pampering and I loved it, is not harsh as my skin never turned red at all, it was all soft and smooth and with a nice glow, really a good choice for a pampering night once or twice a week. 

It comes in a single use package and the value is £7 and you can find it at the Lone Design Club Website


This anti-aging pads are made from pure medical grade silicone, enriched with highly effective hyaluronic acid. Wash them every now and then and treat them well. You will get up to 30 treatments out of one pad. The more often you use them, the smoother your mouth will get. It is clinically proven. 

I have been using these pads for a while, I personally have no wrinkles or fine lines issues so I find hard to notice any difference but it can never go wrong with hyaluronic anid, they probably doing their prevention work without me noticing.

This package comes with 2 pads reusable up to 30 times and has a value of £24.90 available also at the Lone Design Club


This nourishing blend contains neroli and rose geranium to kick-start sluggish circulations. Other ingredients include chamomile and patchouli to calm redness, and black seed oil for its anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory effect.

I always recommend to seal your moistuiser with a facial oil before going to bed to avoid skin water loss and wake up with a natural glow and radiant face. this oild did the nourishing job pretty well, I have combination skin so don’t be afarid to added to your routine because facila oils are formulated totally different from the rest of body oil etc.

This one comes in 30 ml for £24 and also can be found in the Lone Design Club website


A soothing and nourishing facial oil. Jojoba, an oil reminiscent of the natural oils of our skin, creates a soft base together with rosehip oil and carrot seed oil, both rich in vitamin A and known to support the healing processes of the skin. Marigold extracts help the skin to repair itself.

The lip balm in the other hand provides nourishment, moisture and long-lasting protection. The base consists of emollient beeswax, castor oil and coconut oil, flavoured with orange and sea buck thorn oil. Perfect when you want discreet colour and hydration.

Now that all restrictions are over you can visit the Lone Design Club Stores and check all the wonderful products, designs and options the bring.

I hope you enjoyed discovering about this wonderful option to discover independent brands  

Evelin x




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