Sunday Pampering with Thalgo Indoceane Collection

For a couple of weeks this has been my Sunday pampering routine, I have always dedicate time for myself just before starting another week, a way to recharge energies and feel good with myself and that includes obviously my body. Some of the products I have been using the past weeks are from Thalgo Indoceane Spa collection, I spoke about this brand skincare products before but never really tried any of the spa ones which are such a Spa at home experience.


Because candles became part of my life lately to give another energy to my home I like to choose the ones that also has very nice fragrances, this one has spicy notes of Coriander, Cardamom and Incense and Patchouli. Quite long lasting and with a good sillage, this a bit of a different option to all the candles I have been using, I could actually feel relaxed with the smell of it, is odd but I truly loved it.

Indocéane Relaxing Candle is 140 gr, cost £22 and is available at Thalgo’s website


A delicious combination of Sea Salt, Cassonade Sugar and plant Essential Oils, this body scrub has a unique bi-phase texture to help eliminate rough patches, smooth the skin and leave it feeling beautifully soft. Delicately fragranced with notes of Mediterranean Essential Oils.


  • Qi-Marine (brown algae extract): Protects the cell and helps repair it – Helps combat cellular stress

  • Sea Salt and Brown Sugar: Polish the body, ensure effective exfoliation

  • Mediterranean Essential Oils: Purify – Soothe, relax

Not only a body scrub but a real treat to feel completely relaxed and renovated, I have never been impressed but these type of products till, from the texture and the ingredients and the power of relaxing the body is a real spa at home experience, this is ideal to use for a shower or bath before bed time so you can would have a deep good quality sleep and obviously the skin get all soft with a natural glow, I absolutely loved this one.

Indoceane Sweet & Savoury Body Scrub is 250 gr and a value of £44.50, available at the Thalgo’s website


Finally we have a body cream with a light Iris and Jasmine fragrance on it, the texture is quite light weight and it absorbs super quick, a good body cream for anyone who showers in the morning and needs a cream that absorbs so you wont feel your clothes stick to the body.

  • Qi-Marine (brown algae extract): Protects the cell and helps repair it, Helps combat cellular stress

  • Sacred Lotus: Calms, soothes

Indoceane Silky Smooth Cream is 150 ml and a value of £34 and is available at Thalgo’s Website

So far it was a really nice experience of Spa at home, after all Thalgo is a brand dedicated to that, but I have always went for the skincare and now I’m certainly want to keep trying these other products from the other collections as someone who loves pampering nights this is a self love gift without a doubt!


Evelin x





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