Review: The Ordinary, Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%

Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% from The Ordinary is a highly-stable, water-soluble vitamin C derivative. Starring a water-soluble derivative of vitamin C, this brightening serum provides antioxidant protection to reduce signs of ageing and even out skin tone. Ascorbyl glucoside is considered a gold standard of vitamin C derivatives, thanks to its high stability and comfortable effects, The Ordinary’s formulation is delivered as an easily applied serum for effortless use.

I finally did it and tried out The Ordinary, I do have to admit that is well hyped brand by “beauty gurus” mostly without any sort of qualifications that tend to recommend acids and certain ingredients like it was the same for everyone and is not like that, there are products from the brand that are great and I love the affordable approach but there are others that are not worth it or is they can harm your skin.

I was shopping online at Lookfantastic a couple of weeks ago and I was in need of a Facial Vitamin C for my face, which is not always a cheap product I have to say and I crossed my way with the Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% from this brand, read the ingredients, the percentage sounded about right for me so I went for it. Now the bottle is finished and is time to share how it went.

 So if you have never used Vitamin C for your face, let me tell you that this is an antioxidant for the skin and it help with any dark patches and skin tone issues that you might have, the right way to use it is after cleanse, before serum or moisturiser, it can be use day and night but in my case I much prefer to use it in the morning followed by the moisturiser and finally the SPF. The life of the Vitamin C is quite short so once you open it try and use it everyday and not leave it somewhere and then after a while retake because once the full oxidation happens is pointless to apply it, if you noticed a very brown instead of amber colour it means it’s off. 

Now with vitamin c you can get different percentages, some skin types are sensitive and tend to react if the concentration is too much, I personally never had that issue so I could go for a even higher concentration, but if you tend to have a reactive skin i would suggest to try first with a lower concentration and make your way up.

In my case I noticed that it kept doing the job my previous Vitamin C was doing, healthier morning look, improvement with some dark patches, my skin looked smooth while I used it. So far I think is a great affordable option for anyone looking to include this product into the daily routine, you don’t need to go for massive expensive brands when you can get this one that easily do the job.  

The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% comes in 30ml and is £8,95, available at Lookfantastic, Beauty Expert and Mankind


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