Perfume Review: Basilico and Fellini by Vilhelm Parfumerie

I was waiting for the spring to properly talk about a perfume that I have tried and loved and is mostly for the warm weather season, I’m talking about Basilico & Fellini  from Vilhelm Parfumerie. A green fresh unisex fragrance probably one of the best I have tried in a while, specially since there are not purely green releases lately.

Movies with a touch of basil. The unmistakable smell of risotto bianco and a minty, peppery kick as the ultra fresh basil warms on the dish. A bon vivant who wanted to show life in all its glorious reality people eating, sleeping and making love – Federico Fellini was said to request extra servings of this herb, rumored to be an aphrodisiac.

  • Top Notes: Basil, Pitahaya
  • Heart Notes: Fig, Violet
  • Base Notes: Green Grass, Hay, Vetiver
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Concentration: Eau de Parfum
  • Olfactory Family: Fresh Green
  • Perfumer: Jerome Epinette

Opening like fresh cut basil leaves, this note remains present in all the fragrance dry down but it has different stages as it complements with the other green notes, the basil always remains mostly earthy and sophisticated and not like a salad, this is thanks to the Pitahaya (Dragon fruit) which if I have to describe it’s flavour I would say is like a very mature kiwi, green but very sweet. The fig and the violet gives a creamy touch in the middle, as it finally settle down the hay, vetiver and green grass take over to keep the fragrance fresh, earthy and greenish without falling in any very sweet scent. It has a duration of 6 hours, a decent sillage and projection that makes it office friendly.

This is the perfect fragrance you want to use in a very hot day, because you get all of it and you don’t feel overwhelmed by it either, probably this is my second favourite from the brand after Fleur Burlesque.    

Basilico & Fellini is available in 20 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml at the Vilhelm’s website and Liberty London


Evelin x



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