Book: When Life Is Not Peachy by Pip Lincolne

A warm hug in book form When life has taken a difficult turn, our heart is aching and we’re only just holding it together, it’s easy to question everything. Who even am I, and how will I keep going? We need someone in our corner to travel this journey with us and help keep our spirits up.

This book is a gentle guide for navigating loss, grief or other sad times, a resource both for those who are downhearted and those supporting a loved one. With thoughtful advice on dealing with friends and family; healthy tips for eating and exercise when you don’t feel like it; and a just-keep-yourself-going ‘101’ for when you’re feeling very low. It’s the bolstering force we need to feel a bit closer to ourselves, or find a bit of peace. For years Pip Lincolne, wrote this book during some tough times of her own, in the hope that what she learned might help someone else feel a little better some day. 

I took my time with this book as it touched different aspects in life like the feeling of emptiness, of being stuck in life, the relationship with family and friends that are not always great, how to deal with a broken heart. I quite like that her advice is not merely taking baths, do yoga, hang out with friends, party, etc, is about dealing with the issues without putting the blame completely in the other but accept your part, is about healing without victimising yourself or ending up with a bitter taste, the books help but doesn’t sugar coat it.

So far it was like having a friend in a book, good for people who are alone at the moment or simple doesn’t feel like you want to speak to someone or find hard to be being understood, I know I will keep reaching out to it plenty of times in the future.

Publisher: Murdoch Books 
ISBN: 9781911632375 
Number of pages: 256 
Dimensions: 190 x 150 mm

 When Life is Not Peachy is available in Amazon, Book Depository, WHSmith


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