Perfume Review: Rose Calisson by L’Occitane

First time I try out a fragrance from L’Occitane, I like the brand but I tend to go more for their gorgeous hand creams but I always hear people raving about them so probably I was missing something good so better find out. Fair enough the brand released a summery limited edition fragrance near Mother’s day time called Rose Calisson.

Of all the sweet treats from Provence, the most iconic has to be the Calisson. L’Occitane introduces a twist on this traditional delicacy by combining it with rose in a delicious olfactory creation with a floral and powdery trail. At the heart of this irresistible composition, the petal-soft, airy facets of Centifolia and Damascena Roses mingle with the sweet, tender notes of Calisson before settling into a subtly woody base.

  • Top Notes: Nectarine, Mandarin
  • Heart Notes: Damask Rose, May rose, Orange Blossom
  • Base Notes: Calisson d’ Aix, Cedar
  • Gender: Feminine 
  • Concentration: Eau de Toilette
  • Olfactory Family: Fruity Floral

I would normally don’t go for light rose fragrances, mostly the ones that are close to rose water than actual rose oil because they simply don’t last in my skin more than 15 minutes, but I really got intrigued when I saw that calisson was in the notes, if you ever visited France mostly the area of Aix en Provence you probably tried them, they are basically almond paste candies with icing on top, this would make a gorgeous sweet gourmand base for the fragrance to settle down. The opening of Rose Calisson is  sweet and fresh with the mandarin and nectarine just 5 minutes after the rose start to show up, I would say is not an old fashion rose is like a fresh not too sweet one that just bloomed, the calisson and cedar start to dry down and feel even better blended with the rose once the alcohol start to disappear to finally dry down. It has a nice sillage and projection and the duration can easily reach the 8 hours, so far it was a great discovery mostly for the summer, is a fruity floral that is a bit sweet but just enough to give the fragrance some joy but at the same time is very refreshing without disappearing after 1  or 2 hours like many other options do.

Rose Calisson is available in 50 ml for £49 at L’Occitane Website 


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