Secret Scent Box: Fragrance Subscription Box

The fragrance market is currently very wide and with numerous options to choose from, some brands invest a little more than others in marketing to highlight their products although many of them are left out. In the perfume shops, you will not always find testers available to try the perfume and you either end up avoiding making a blind purchase or you are directly unaware of the options that are available.

I recently managed to try one perfume subscription box called Secret Scent Box, every month you receive a small box with 3 vials of different fragrances of 3 ml each to try out, normally from those vials I get from 2 to 3 uses which it should be enough o decide if you would like to go for the big bottle or you save yourself from doing an unsuccessful blind purchase, also is really nice that you have the time to actually put the perfume to the test and not end up all confused for testing 6 scents at the same time.

The box I got for example had Paco by Paco Rabanne a very old unisex scent from the 90’s, fresh and citrus aromatic that is almost identical to Ck One but far more long lasting, personally not my style but Ck One is a top seller popular scent and most people would ignore the existence of “Paco” just because if from the 90’s and the brand doesn’t publicise it anymore but is still available. Then I had Fleur de Pecher by Karl Lagerfeld, again I know very well who Karl was but I have never really been into his beauty products, is an affordable floral fruity scent not very long lasting and the fact that I have other similar or probably better makes not want a full size bottle and you know what it is funny? a week ago I was thinking to purchase a full size bottle because it was reduced, thanks to this box I know that I made a good decision. To finish we have the latest release Angel Nova by Mugler, this one I have tried it and is very nice although I have similar options and being able to try it again help me to confirm that I’m not going to add it to my collection but I still would use up the vial as is a nice sweet fruity scent.

So far it was a nice experience, and they have scent boxes for women and for men.

The subscription is: 1 month for £15, 6 months for £14 per month or 12 months for £13 per month.

You can subscribe in and any extra information is over to check!



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