Gift Idea or Treat Yourself: Phoebe Grace, Sustainable Recycled Silk Notebooks

For a little more than a year I changed many things in my life, I became minimalist with respect to my purchases, I got rid of many things that, as Marie Kondo would suggest “didn’t spark joy anymore”, changed habits that were damaging to the environment, I adopted new habits and took up others that I had left behind and readjusted them to my current needs. I got back to use a planner combined with a bullet journal to organise myself better and optimise my time, but right now taking care of mental health became vital and that is how I starting using a journal again.

I used to keep a journal as a teenager but left the habit when I became a young adult. When I started my journey in manifestation I realised how writing down things in an piece of paper could change my mindset, hence wise I got back to actual planners and bullet journals, the difference between using digital and handwriting in a piece paper is huge. 

So I was sorted for my daily organisation, but what about that part of my mind needing to express itself or manifest my desires, I wanted something special as journaling is a self love moment and fair enough I manifested a lovely notebook from a special brand.

I mange to discover Phoebe Grace, a small and sustainable designer British brand that uses sustainably generated and regenerated fabrics that are consciously sourced, but with a luxury quality. Many of the materials they use including the packaging are recycled, They work mostly with silk, in their website you can find, scarves, pyjamas, dresses, pillows, accessories, so many beautiful items that are unique as they don’t create fast fashion or massive production. 

I couldn’t resist their notebooks, They are A5 with 70 lined pages and made from 100% recycled silk from our leftover fabric with lovely prints designs.

Phoebe Grace released new prints related to Valentine’s day with hearts that are gorgeous and as the covers are made of silk makes it look and feel special, this is the Small White Heart one and as I started journaling again and to actually keep on track I wanted to have a special notebook. 

Either you are in a manifestation journey or just wanting to clear up your mind towards a better mental health, writing down your thoughts, your ideas, your current feeling and and show gratitude of what you have, all those things help a lot and again writing them down make your brain work different and aware of many things you probably never paid attention.

 This makes a nice gift for someone who is all about stationary or that would like doing journaling, having a brain dump notebook but also can be a way to be your own Valentine as learning to loving and taking care of yourself is the key for the rest.

You can find this notebook at Phoebe Grace website, it has a value of £28 but you can get it cheaper if you purchase 3 and sometimes they have discount codes.

Evelin x  

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