Perfume Review: MyLO by Laboratorio Olfattivo

A romantic and joyful scent inspired by the white lily. Sparkling floral notes at the top merge perfectly with the floral heart, giving way to the base that subtly incorporates elements such as benzoin and vanilla.

A niche brand I wanted to try out for a while is the Italian Laboratorio Olfattivo, simple and minimalist bottle design, gorgeous presentation box and with a large variety of different type of fragrances, the first one I have the chance to try is MyLO, as you can imagine the name doesn’t say much so it was actually a surprise to discover as I normally check the notes once I tried the perfume.

  • TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Lemon, Yellow Mandarin, Pink Peppercorn
  • HEART NOTES: White Lily, Jasmine, Iris, Rose
  • BASE NOTES: Benzoin, Vanilla, White Amber, Musk

The nose behind MyLO is Luca Maffei so far all the scents I have tried from him were really nice and unique. This is a unisex fragrance that tends to go more towards the feminine side or I would say this is an option for men who prefer a slightly sweeter smell than the classic sharp strong one the vast majority of masculine scent are.

Now the heart and main accord we will notice in MyLO is the white lily which the vast majority of perfume houses never really mastered something similar happens with the gardenia, when we smell the flower it has one particular amazing smell but once it collected and transformed to essential oil that magic is basically lost. The lily in MyLO is one of the closest we can find to the real natural creamy pollen smell of this flower so that really impressed me. The fragrance starts with a fresh and citrusy rose but after 15 minutes and the fragrance starts to warm up and the lily takes over combined with the jasmine and the rose that now is well blended with the pepper and bergamont giving that spicy touch to the floral notes, as it keep drying down the iris and its characteristic powdery notes joins the white floral blend to then becoming a sweet resinous/balsamic without becoming oriental. 

It’s a interesting fragrance, creamy sweet white floral with pinches of spicy notes, a bit fresh fruity at the beginning. it has an average sillage of 2 meters, duration of 12 hours very well for a white floral perfume. So far an option that’s is really worth trying specially because for being a niche brand is quite affordable.

Laboratorio Olfattivo MyLO EDP, is available in 100 ml for £90 at Pulse of Perfumery   


Evelin x 




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