Book: The Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns

For about sometime I was looking for a nice book with all the Robert Burns work and finally managed to find one that has everything I would want, this title includes all of Burns’ poems and songs, with a helpful glossary explaining difficult words, a chronology of Burns’s life and a bibliography.

Scottish culture is something I have always loved just as much as I love the country and obviously if we talk about Scottish literature we cannot mention Robert Burns and as today is Robbie Burs night I wanted to share this edition as probably some of you might find it interesting. Now I have to admit is taking me a while to read the book first because is even when some words are transparent many others are Scottish words but don’t worry the book includes a glossary of them so you can check them out and even learn them out of curiosity as many are still in use in Scotland. 

This book is a hard cover one, very good quality decent size letter, well organised and also has at the beginning the chronology of Robert Burns life with all the details. Is a really complete and good quality book, easy to read if you really sit down and start to read, in my case I take it as a chocolate box for the soul like every time I feel down I take it and read one poem and incredibly makes me feel better without mention that I absolutely love Auld Lang Syne.

Publisher: The Gresham Publishing Co. Ltd 
ISBN: 9781849342322 
Number of pages: 480 
Weight: 730 g 
Dimensions: 234 x 165 x 35 mm

You can find this book at Book Depository (They deliver everywhere in the world)

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