Perfume Review: Molecule 04 and Escentric 04 by Escentric Molecules

Another journey with Escentric Molecules from the pair that remained to try and review and complete the whole family till 06 shows up, a really nice concept in perfumery creative and that managed to became a cult perfume brand.

Just to refresh the concept from Escentric Molecules, the molecule 04 is basically just molecule of javanol while the Escentric it has a olfactory pyramid, a quick reminder of what the rest of the family offers:

01: The star is the molecule of Iso E The star is the molecule of Ambroxan which smells different from one person to other and has a extraordinary power to attract the opposite sex.

02:  Made with the  molecule of Ambroxan It is a crystal with a chemical structure identical to the ambrox derived from ambergris.

03: Vetiveryl Acetate, a hybrid molecule, half-natural, half-synthetic. It is a fraction of vetiver oil, distilled from the roots of an Indian grass, which is then ‘crossed’ with acetic acid to remove the bitter and leathery aspects of the root.

05: Cashmere, It combines a cocooning, musky softness with dry, aromatic woodiness, and a sweet and resinous pine note.


Javanol is a sandalwood-type molecule that retains the radiance and endurance of natural sandalwood, a creamy, fresh, clean and transparent sandalwood. If i have to compare it with another of the molecules it would be with Molecule 01 as is hard to smell it ourselves but the people around us can smell how the fragrance adapt itself to our skin, it comes and goes during the day certainly a good option for people who wants more and not getting stuck in the same smell the entire day.

It has a duration of 8 hours good and gentle projection and sillage and just like Molecule 01 get prepared for people to ask you what perfume are you wearing.

Molecule 04 is available in 30 ml and 100 ml 



  • Top Notes: Methyl Pamplemousse, Pink Grapefruit, Marijuana, Bergamot, Juniper Berry, Pink Pepper
  • Heart Notes: Hedione (green jasmine bud), Freesia, Osmanthus, Orris, Rose
  • Base Notes: Javanol, Mastic, Labdanum, Iso E Super, Muscone (Musk), AMBROXAN™

Escentric 04 is a unisex fragrance although it could be more towards the masculine side, for women who are not too keen on girly scents it would be a good option to keep in mind. 

A very fresh citrusy scent combined with the creamy sandalwood of the javanol, one of the reasons is probably a bit more masculine is the presence of ambroxan a very common note is all male perfumes, the juniper is quite predominant at the beginning with a bit of sweetness but just a pinch but the fact it has ISO E super, ambroxan and javanol makes the fragrance unique from skin to skin in terms of how it develops, for some it would be more green for others even fruity and other a bitter citrusy. It’s such an interesting fragrance, maybe the second place between the Escentric ones (Escentric 05 is my favourite) totally worth trying it!.

Escentric 04 is available in 30 ml and 100 ml     


I hope you enjoyed the review feel free to leave any comments or questions.


Evelin x





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