Perfume Review: Fleur Burlesque by Vilhelm Parfumerie

“Unflinching, exquisite femininity. Inspired by La Belle Époque. A woman, alive in the spotlight at the Moulin Rouge, enchantingly a glow in the soft candlelight of Maxim’s.”  The name and the short description were enough for me to feel tempted to try out this fragrance and sure enough it didn’t disappoint. Vilhelm Parfumerie is a niche perfume brand that I was really tempted to try for a while, I guess the first thing that caught my eye was the bottle design, it has a cylindrical and flat shape made of a wavy glass, quite distinctive from any bottle in the market without putting so much effort in making a super complex bottle, simple and elegant but with a own identity, it has a magnetic yellow lid, everything is high quality from the box to the lid I really appreciate when brand really take care of details. 


  • Top Notes: Gardenia, Jasmine
  • Heart Notes: Sandalwood
  • Base Notes: Amber

Fleur Burlesque is a feminine eau de parfum, it belongs to the Flower Collection from the brand and by the notes we can notice it’s a floral scent. The opening is very sweet, the jasmine really takes over and after 10 minutes the Gardenia start to show up together with the amber and it starts to dry down as a creamy white floral, the gardenia in this fragrance is very well accomplished, and back in La Belle Epoque this essential oil was probably one of the most used in perfumery and a bit less the jasmine, is definitely not an old woman fragrance but it has that little old fashion touch, obviously we are talking of burlesque so it must have a bit of that modernised for 2020, after 15 or 25 minutes the  sandalwood start to act that oriental floral final touch. The evolution of Fleur Burlesque is quite interesting, its starts very strong with jasmine then it mixes with the gardenia and amber losing intensity to give all the show to the gardenia that becomes intense thanks to the amber and leaves the floral creamy to switch to the oriental once the sandalwood settle down.

I think is a gorgeous perfume, definitively not something you will find in the massive consume market is a real niche high quality fragrance, it has a nice projection and sillage and can easily last 8 hours, in my case florals tend to disappear after 2 hours.

Fleur Burlesque talks a lot about the Moulin Rouge as a sensual, energetic and confident woman who can dance the can can beautifully, or an elegant woman who attends to the exclusive Maxim’s, the times I wore it I felt so empowered, confident, naughty it really brings so much positive vibrations that not many perfumes can give that sort of experience,is an original scent for anyone looking to have a signature scent that won’t be confused to anything else, I was amazed so I truly recommend giving this a try.         

Fleur Burlesque is available in 50 ml and 100 ml at Villhelm Parfumerie’s Website and Liberty London.  (Check the brand website to see the list of retailer around the world)


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