Perfume Review: Tendre Nuit by Isabey

First created by Isabey Paris in 1944 in New York, Tendre Nuit (Tender night) is remembered for its romantic name, like a whisper. The poetic and flamboyant plum colour of the bottle combined with voluptuous night Rose and animal Ambrette seeds fragrance are inspired by emotions of a tender and passionate night.

“It is 3 am in Paris, she is sitting on the edge of her bed in a room filled by sensations. Love is floating in the air, sweet and sensual like a night Rose. A warm breeze from the balcony thru the room is caressing her skin. The night is tender, her life is a dream.”

Tendre Nuit was released in 2018 by the French house Isabey, although the first version was released in 1944 back in New York but it’s name was Tendres Nuits, obviously the historical context changed, the perfume regulation and trends too and Isabey decided to bring back this fragrance and they didn’t disappoint.


  • Top Notes: Almond, Pink Pepper
  • Heart Notes: Rose oil, Rose Absolut, Ambrette seeds
  • Base Notes: Ambroxan, Cashmeran, Benzoin, Vanilla Co2  

Quite different from the rest of the Isabey fragrances where the floral notes mostly gardenia used to take over, in this case we have a heart where roses are predominant but let’s start from the beginning. The first impression just after the spray is a creamy almond with vanilla, sweet and soft like a macaron although the vanilla is not the typical extra sweet overwhelming that screams gourmand that many people love but many other hate because is too much, no this vanilla is very well blended to have a slow and gentle development and not to become a nauseous sweetness that together with the almond would be way too much, that’s why i compare it to a macaron and not a proper cake because is a sweet creamy scent that is elegant just the enough touch because right after it goes towards the roses, and if we see the notes we might think “too much rose” we are way too used to the synthetic or extra sweet oils, but this one together with the pink pepper and musky touch of the ambrette it becomes  musky and spicy, the final touch when this creamy sweet almond together with the spicy rose meets the ambroxan, cashmerean and benzoin so the sweetness would not go higher but instead it goes a bit powdery so we have an sweet and bit musky gourmand but not so edible, is not the classic sweet gourmand that would make us think of cakes and pastries, this is elegant, is sexy, is unique even when the notes are not groundbreaking the way is blended and how it tells the story makes it totally different from any other fragrance.

Very nice sillage, the projection would go from 1,50 to 2 meters and the duration easily reach the 13 hours, the oils that Isabey work with are really high quality, you hardly ever feel the alcohol when you spray any of their perfumes. This perfume is really high quality, it’s unique and has a very nice performance so it really worth the investment here, is a true niche perfume.

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