Review: Lancôme, Holiday Makeup Collection 2020

Every year Lancôme releases a Christmas make up collection, sometimes includes more or less products, this time the collection includes an eye shadow palette, two lipsticks and one highlighter, the packaging is a lovely ice platinum colour with the traditional rose logo from the brand., simple, minimalist and chic. LA ROSE EYESHADOW PALETTE

This palette has 9 shades options, 4 sparkling shades, 2 iridescent in each end than can easily being used as highlighters, 3 matte ones and 1 brush. nice pigmentation, not powdery, the colours scream Christmas or party.

This palette is £45 and is available at the Lancome website


The latest collections used to be a gorgeous highlighter with a proper rose shape, they were really beautiful but it was mostly for collectors but they weren’t practical for someone who was actually looking to use the highlighter, so this time they kept the angular rose that ociously will start to fade away with the use, but I find it pretty an practical, is a holographic crystal finish so depending the angle and the light it will show blueish, pinkish, etc.

La Rose Highlighter is £35 and is available at the Lancome Website


This collection has two shades but I think the person who packed them got confused and packed two of the same shade, not a big deal I already own plenty of red lipsticks anyway and I use nudes far more, so yes we do have two shades: 473 Rubiez, which is a ruby red shade, and this nude 274 Coer de rubis which basically the perfect nude lipstick. They both have the classic creamy and pigmented style that all lancome lipsticks have, nice options for the ones with dry lipsticks and I personally love them because i don’t need to reapply over and over again. 

Each lipstick is £27 and also are available at the Lancome website

So far is a lovely collection and remember this ones are limited edition and they tend to sell out pretty fast.

Evelin x

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