Perfume Review: Prends-Moi by Isabey

When Isabey Paris created Prends-moi (take me) with a misspell on its label as ‘Prends-Mois’ in the early 30’s, it was  one of the last perfume created for North American market, with a minimalistic design. In the 30s it was a bold move to name a perfume Prends-moi (take me) but Isabey was a daring house.

Prends-moi (take me) is now relaunched among the iconic perfumes of Isabey Paris.  But much more than a simple fragrance’s revival, Prends-moi (take me) is an ode to love and passion. This is why the strong and emblematic red colour, a symbol of desire, is used.

“Midnight in Paris. A man and a woman. They used to love each other passionately. On a bridge, they met again. A unique and carnal love, which takes their senses away. Reason is shattered. He puts his arms around her and smells her fragrance. Her red lips whisper, “Prends Moi…” “


  • Top Notes : Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Raspberry
  • Heart Notes: Rose Absolut, Red Satin Liptsick, Tuberose Absolut, Cardamom, iris
  • Base Notes: Cocoa Absolut, Creamy Sandalwood, Amber

This fragrance was officially released in 2019 but it was not till 2020 that we could actually find it in the market, first at the Isabey’s website where it was sold out not long after it came out, it went back in stock and also started to be available in the niche perfume retailers and now it became officially another member of the Isabey Paris family. As I mentioned before this is a reformulation of the Prends-Moi from the 30’s, I have to admit when I heard the word “reformulation” or “relaunch” of classics I become a bit skeptical as I have seen other brands doing this and end up creating some Frankensteins, but I have seen Isabey reformulating and re adapting according to the new regulations and is one of very few who keep high quality essential oils and really take care to create a unique blend that you would hardly smell anywhere else.

What we have here is an oriental floral with a very interesting development , the first minutes we can feel the raspberry wrapped around the absolute rose to become a fruity floral that quickly start to show spicy notes of pink pepper and a fresh cardamom, the twist goes towards the tuberose and the powdery iris, that powder floral scent then get mixed with the lipstick note and the final dry down towards the oriental powdery floral with the cocoa and the creamy sandalwood. Really because the perfume tells the story with their notes, the first fruity floral sniff would represent the cheeky eye contact and the invitation to come closer, the spicy pepper and tuberose gives that gives that flirt towards the kiss, tuberose actually is well known for it’s aphrodisiac effect and eroticism, the powdery iris mixed with the lipstick and the base notes gives that carnal sensual feeling of “take me” actually I would say is far more than but compared to the other Isabey perfumes that tend to be more “romantic” and “innocent” this one is the “cheeky and naughty” one

I hope you enjoyed the post

Evelin x


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