Scentful: Designer Fragrance Subscription Box

In the perfume market there are thousands of options to choose and sometime we limit our selves to the most famous, the latest releases or certain brands and sure many times we can go test one, two, three and so on and we start to get confused, our nose can’t make any difference anymore and we get lost in the process, so the lovely options out there, should we spray in the paper or the skin. Now we heard plenty of times about subscription boxes full of make up or skincare, but what about perfume?di

So I had the chance to discover Scentful, a British designer fragrances new subscription box, every month comes with two surprise scents which is nice because it takes you out of your comfort zone of choosing what you are already used to. Each Scentful subscription contains 2 x 5ml vials. Each spray vials gives around 80 sprays which give a total of around 160 sprays from both fragrances, enough to last at least 30 days using approximately 5 sprays per day, they are not the typical sample vials but more the same size of the miniature bottles, I have a couple and they last quite a bit depending of the use. Once you finish them you can easily recycle them as they are made of glass, practical for travelling, specially by plane with the strict measures of liquid bottles on carry on.

They work only with Designer brand perfumes, which is nice before doing a blind purchase of a big bottle and regret it later (happened to me plenty of times) the monthly subscription costs £13, 95 but depending if you go for a 3, 6, 12 months subscription the prices get reduced, I think is quite nice just to think one year subscription gives 24 different minis to use and combine.

At the moment they only have Feminine perfume boxes but the masculine option would be released soon. The box I got was the September one that had Wonderlust by Michael Kors and Nero Assoluto by Roberto Cavalli. I already had the full size Wonderlust in my perfume collection so that one wasn’t really a discovery but I like it, is a Floral Oriental EDP but never tried any Roberto Cavalli perfume, Nero Assoluto is a Woody Floral with a lot of vanilla, really nice.

I love the concept, getting surprise designer perfumes to try out every month, a nice way to discover the perfumery world.

Check out Scentful Website for more information and sign up    


Evelin x


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