Review: Charlotte Tilbury, The Icon Palette

With a new Charlotte Tilbury eye palette around the corner I wanted to talk about this one the “The Icon Palette” because one that is actually totally different from the rest that the brand has, it received negative and positive reviews, at the beginning I didn’t pay much attention to it and this summer i found myself using and reusing it a lot so here I share my experience.

The Icon palette is basically a shimmer palette, you won’t find matte shades on here some of them have less but still not even close to matte, but this is actually the concept of this palette, the case already gives Disco vibes it personally reminds me of “Jem and the Holograms” back when I was a child, so here we have a lot of shimmer, mega pigmentation, rich metallic colours to create 4 different looks: Day Eyes, Date Eyes, Diva Eyes and Disco Eyes.


Each look has three shades : Prime, Enhance and Smoke. With a total of 12 shades

  • Top (left to right):Champagne, Gold, Dark Gold, Emerald
  • Middle: Pink Gold, Copper, Golden Bronze, Sapphire Blue
  • Bottom: Muted Cranberry Red, Bronze, Smoky Warm Brown, Charcoal

The texture is really creamy, not powdery at all as there is nothing more annoying that seeing more eye shadow in the air than the actual brush, but no this are so compact and creamy specially if you use your fingers, the pigmentation is massive like I have to admit at the beginning I struggled a bit taking up so much product and with shimmer/metallic shades if you are not a regular user of them it can be tricky but got used to it, they blend beautifully with brush or fingers they are easy to work with. The formulation of them is made to be used wet as well to get extra pigmentation, but I don’t think is needed it this case i personally don’t use wet brushes because I have the feeling I would end up ruining the palette.

The reasons why some people gave a negative review to this palette was basically they didn’t understand the concept “Disco = Shimmer” obviously this is not a typical eye shadow palette, this is metallic with powerful colours that clearly are not for everyone’s personal taste, other said that it each look should have a fourth matte shade to prime and give the same tone to the skin before starting the actual look and yes I agree with that, it would probably would help a lot to get a better result or if you are not to keen on priming with a shimmery shade it would be nice to have that option. 

But for the rest is a high quality product, amazing pigmentation, nice colour selection, easy to work with, nice texture, for me is a big yes, once you get used to this type of finish and colours you could end up doing very creative looks.

The Icon Palette is available at Charlotte Tilbury Website and cost £55  


Evelin x




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