Perfume Review: Molecule 01 and Escentric 01 by Escentric Molecules

Niche perfumery has increased in popularity in the last couple of years thanks to some niche houses that opened up the way for more people to discover them and enjoy alternatives to the massive consume market. One of those brands was clearly Escentric Molecules with the 01. Molecule 01 and Escentric 01 were very popular back in the day, anyone following British beauty youtubers probably remember the hype back then. Over hyped/promoted products tend to put me off to try them out, but then this year I got closer to the brand with the release of Molecule 05 and Escentric 05 and specialised perfume writers and friends who tried it suggested me to review the 01 and 02 range because “they were amazing” So here we are.

In case you have never heard about Escentric Molecules, is a niche perfume house and the nose behind it is Geza Schoen, the main characteristics from this brand is that every release comes in binary pairs, 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05, the “molecule” fragrance only has one lab chemical note that emulates another one that normally for ethic reasons, regulations or cost of production cannot be obtained naturally. The “Escentric” fragrance has the molecule blended with other notes to actually creates a perfume as we are used

Molecule 01

Molecule 01 is basically the molecule ISO E Super and that’s it. this fragrance became a cult perfume, to be used alone or as many recommend to spray over other perfumes to make them last longer which is a quality of the ISO E Super, an special note that is used in certain fragrances to add an animalistic element. This molecule mixes with your body chemistry and releases a scent that is detectable or not to your own nose but is smelt by others around you. It mimics the release of pheromones and is touted to be irresistible supposed to the opposite sex but I had many women asking me what I was wearing too, it really attracts the attention from the opposite sex in a cheeky way I did the experiment and it’s such a ego booster for all attention you can get. This molecule is very popular in men fragrances while all Escentric Molecules fragrances are unisex.

Molecule 01 is cedarwoody, amberish and subtle, almost impossible to don’t like it, it has an excellent projection, sillage and duration, the hype for this perfume is real, incredible considering is only one note 

Molecule 01 is available in 30 ml and 100 ml

Escentric 01

Escentric 01 includes the ISO E Super blended with other notes:

  • Top Notes: Lime, Pink Pepper, Aldehydes
  • Heart Notes: Orris, Hedione (green jasmine bud)
  • Base Notes: Iso E Super, Incense, Mastic, Muscone (Musk)

Geza Schoen commented on this fragrance  “I wanted to create something unconventional, not too perfumistic, something for my friends who said they didn’t like fragrance.” is quite a minimalist with no complexity and really safe to use, classy and easy to wear. the fragrance open up a a clean fresh, it’s becomes a bit soapy and powdery giving a real sensation of clean then it becomes woody but not the typical woods that become sharp or sweet, it’s always neutral and keep itself fresh musky woods with soapy touches from the Orris (Iris), so what Geza says is actually true, for anyone who are not into fragrance or find very complicated to like one this is a good choice.


Escentric 01 is available in 30 ml and 100 ml


Evelin x


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