Perfume Review: Fever 54 by The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi

“A fragrance is a powerful tool creating sensations and imagery, evoking visions, feelings and thoughts,” says The Perfumer’s Story founder Azzi Glasser, who has created unique scents for Helena Bonham Carter and Orlando Bloom. I was lucky enough to already review After Hours and this time I want to share this review of another gem from this fantastic niche perfume house.

Today’s scent is Fever 54, a feminine fragrance described by Azzi as Provocative, Confident and Glamorous, was’t hard to agree with that statement when I opened the box and already smelt the fragrance without open it.    


Rose de Mai, Davana oil, Saffron, Ylang Ylang, Oud oils, Benzoin, powder Musks and red Woods.

This is a Spicy Floral fragrance but not as sweet as floral scents tend to be it’s actually a sophisticated fresh floral at the beginning, after  30 min it develops more towards the rose note mixed with the ylang ylang probably an hour later it dries down a bit spicy with the musk and red woods.

This perfume has a lovely evolution and yes is easy to feel confident wearing it because it doesn’t smell like any perfume that I have tried before, that spicy rose makes you feel unique, then glamorous and provocative because there are certain notes or smell which stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete endorphins, which improve your attractiveness to the opposite sex, in Fever 54 these notes are Saffron, Rose de Mai and Oud. Then we have Ylang Ylang, an aphrodisiac essential oil that elevates the sexual energy. Even if we are not looking for someone, loving ourselves is vital, sometimes when I meditate and do my positive affirmations I spray perfume on me and that elevates my vibes and I get far better results.

I got many compliments using Fever 54, it has + 12 hours of duration, it has a good 3 meters projection, the sillage is not overwhelming but definitely someone would notice you as soon as you walk by. 

Something I also love about The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi, is the packaging, it comes is a lovely high quality box with such a nice design, inside the box you can find a bookmark with the full description of the fragrance and a lovely fabric bag to carry it with you in and avoid it getting any light or broken, if you are not to keen to keep the box, well you have the bag. 

I’m already creating the gift guides for Christmas and this would make such a fantastic gift, is not only a tremendous perfume but the presentation is so luxurious and unique, all the fragrances from this brand has the same presentation.

Fever 54 is available at 30 ml and 150 ml at the brand website and is also available at Liberty

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Evelin x


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