Fortnum’s Beauty Advent Calendar 2020

Fortum & Mason brings once again a beauty advent calendar for 2020, with a mix of full size products and sample sizes, the calendar has 25 products in it supposed all together to have a total value of £800, and has a cost of £195, in this post we will analyse the content to find out if it’s worth the money or not.

  • 1.Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Cupuacu Lip Butter (6.2g) (Full size, regular price £15) I have tried this product and wouldn’t recommend it, is really overpriced just because of the brand and the hype about the scent, the texture is like glue, very sticky like the very first glosses that showed up in the market, doesn’t do anything to moisturise, actually once the stickiness is almost gone it leaves the lips quite dry. 
  • 2. Instant Effects Instant Lip Plumper (Full size £24.99) I remember getting this from a subscription box or advent calendar, didn’t do anything for me so I tried out with a friend no results either, another overpriced gloss that is a big No from me.
  • 3. Le Prunier Beauty Oil (3.7ml) (Sample Size £10,24) Is a facial oil, haven’t tried but it would be hard to judge results out of a very small vial.
  • 4. Chantecaille Rose de Mai Face Cream (10ml) (Sample size £42,40) I got this same sample size in a purchase in another store, the cream was ok but not a game changer.
  • 5. Noble Isle Rhubarb Bath & Shower Gel (75ml), Noble Isle Rhubarb Body Hydrator (75ml) & Noble Isle Tea Rose Body Lotion (75ml) (Sample size kit £20) I think is nice to have 3 products in one door but shower gels as fillings are not my cup of tea.
  • 6. Dr Russo SPF 30 Sun Protective Brush-on Moisturiser (Doesn’t specify if it’s full size £28.95) 
  • 7. Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Oil (9ml) & Revive Oil (9ml) (Sample size £8,28) 
  • 8. Sisley Black Rose Skin Cream (10ml) & Sisley Black Rose Mask (10ml) (Sample Size £48,46 in total) I have tried this range of Sisley, way too overpriced and didn’t do anything for my skin.
  • 9. Patchology Restoring Night Eye Gels (Sample £1,80)
  • 10. Ilapothecary Keep Calm Hand & Body Lotion (30ml) (Sample size £4,05)
  • 11. Lucia Magnani Daily Firming Hydrator (15ml) (Sample size £58,50)
  • 12. Iconic London Chrome Flash Eye Pot Spellbound (50g) (Full size £22)
  • 13. Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Touch Hand Cream (50ml) (Full size £15) So hyped product for no reason
  • 14. Christian Breton Liftox Serum (15ml) (Full size £44,37)
  • 15. Aurelia Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser (30ml) (Sample size £29)
  • 16. Bramley Body Wash (100ml) (Full size £8)
  • 17. Bramley Body Lotion (100ml) (Full size £8)
  • 18. Cosmetic 27 Baume (15ml) (Sample size £33,60)
  • 19. Fresh Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash (20ml) & Fresh Soy Face Cleanser (20ml) (Sample size £9,40 in total)
  • 20. Guerlain Abeille Royale Oil (5ml) (Sample size £13,66)
  • 21. Delilah Volumising and Defining Mascara – Carbon (Full size £24)
  • 22. Cult51 Neck and Décolleté Firming Cream (30ml) (Full size £90)
  • 23. 3LAB WW Cream (15ml)(Sample size £105,25)
  • 24. Bamford B Silent Pillow Mist (Doesn’t specify if it’s full size £20)
  • 25. Elizabeth Scarlett Night Sky Cotton Velvet Makeup Bag

After calculating the real price of sample sizes and full ones the amount comes to £684,95. This calendar has a lot of sample sizes, also there are many lip products that I personally tried and are not worth buying. A lot of fillings like shower gels, body lotions, etc that are not worth paying for in a calendar specially if they are not luxury brands if we take all these non attractive products and leave only the ones that are worth trying or using the price gets reduced to £564,21 always keeping in mind that most of the nice stuff are sample sizes that many of them I got them for free in purchases or asking in the counters for them. 

Personally not my cup of tea, but I know probably for someone it might sound like a nice deal, the calendar is already available to buy now for £195 and for delivery from 18 September 2020 (UK & Europe Only) Find it in the store website  (non affiliate link)

Best x