Perfume Review: Clementine California x Quentin Monge by Atelier Cologne


One brand that I love to discover each time I have a chance to get a bottle in my hands is Probably Atelier Cologne, I have actually being using Orange Sanguine pretty often during the hot summer and I also enjoy it during the autumn season. So when a limited edition bottle came out with a fragrance that I never tried before I was truly excited.

Atelier Cologne released Clementine California x Quentin Monge a limited edition bottle of their fragrance Clementine California, the brand time to time release these special editions like last year for the 10th anniversary of Orange Sanguine or for the Chinese Lunar Year few months ago. The bottle itself is truly pretty you can get it just a 100 ml like this or this also available on their website a gift set with a Clementine California of 100 ml another one of 30 ml and the characteristic leather case from the brand with also the same design as the bottle.

  • Top Notes: Juniper Berries, Mandarin
  • Heart Notes: Clementine, Star anise, Pepper
  • Base Notes: Haitian Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cypress

This as the vast majority of Atelier Cologne fragrances is unisex, opens up quite fresh with juniper mixed with the mandarin and clementines, the fresh notes start to fade after the first hour to become musky/woodsy its a bit fruity in the middle but not sweet, it works well as transition from the fresh citric notes to the woodsy musky ones it has a lovely balance that makes it properly unisex, not too masculine neither girly. the sillage is around one meter while the duration it could go up to 5 hours. Quite different from what I have smelt before and very nice option for the warm weather when you don’t want the typical citrusy or white floral instead add a bit of musk/wood without becoming too much.

It was a really nice experience of a scent that as far as I know don’t have anything similar, if you are a more a neutral fragrances lover this is a wonderful option to try out. It could be a seasonal scent or become the signature one of anybody.

Loved and recommended, Clementine California x Quentin Monge is available at Atelier Cologne Website


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