Book: Fashion Design: A Guide to the Industry and the Creative Process by Denis Antoine


As fashion lover this industry really called my attention, I’m terrible with scissors and sewing unlike my sister who is extremely talented making clothes. But still I can’t help to enjoy knowing more about it even when is not related to my work.

So I got this book, Fashion Design: A Guide to the Industry and the Creative Process by Denis Antoine, and seriously is far more of what I expected to find.

Fashion Design covers all the topics from this particular industry which makes a good option for professionals already working, students persuading a career in fashion or people just like me looking to get a better understatement of how everything works.51kmYhEILBL

Obviously the book starts with the history and  business of fashion, the evolution it has had from designers only promoting their work on a fashion shows only with supermodels to a fair a bit realistic presentation like social media.

From fabrics, materials  to anything related to the design and elaboration of the clothes, the design development and how to deal with work interviews which in a place with huge demand and competition must be a real challenge to get a spot, the book is written by someone who has been working in this market a long time already so working tips from a senior person would really help a lot.

Between other topics we can find a vital one now days: marketing, from the micro to the macro side, same as the market place to who you are designing for, is such a dynamic world we are living in that having a poor marketing strategy could cause the end of a brand. Also what I found interesting that the author opens up to speak about the current issues of the industry from a ethic point of view such as fair employment practices, supply chains and the environmental impact.


  • Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781786275769
  • Number of pages: 224
  • Weight: 950 g
  • Dimensions: 280 x 216 x 18 mm


Fashion Design: A Guide to the Industry and the Creative Process is available at Laurence King Website, Waterstones and Amazon




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