Perfume Review: London Poppy by Floral Street


Depending of your personality, your mood, the weather, the event…perfumes play a good part of raising your vibration, your confidence, your sense of sensuality… Everytime I feel down like the is no much reasons to feel positive I tend to spray some sort of fresh, energetic perfume on me and light an scented candle to remember that there is much out there to be grateful and glad for.

My last discover for that job is London Poppy by Floral Street, if you follow the blog you probably know this is a British vegan and cruelty free brand with a strong commitment with the environment. London Poppy is an interesting propose as we will see in the notes there is no actual poppies. Here we have the poppy as concept, is a very popular flower in Britain and looking at a field covered with that intense red is just magnificent, what we have is a perfume that want to represent the power of a energetic red poppy in a vibrant and energetic city like London.


Neroli, Orange Blossom, Florida Orange, Sicilian Lemon, Apricot Blossom, Jasmine Sambac, Sunflower Accord, Marine Accord, Cedarwood, Hinoki Woods, Black Amber.

London Poppy is a fresh, citrusy floral fragrance with a lot of citrus notes on it as we could see, still I was surprised how good they were blend with the jasmine and the woods with that hint of marine accord, once you apply and let it dry down the citrus and florals notes get mixed to become citrus-sweet is the typical “acid” effect from typical citrus fragrances that sometimes can be taken as cheap cologne or cleaning products, is a delicate soft one that actually manage to stay on skin for at least 12 hours obviously the sillage is no massive after the 5th hour, is great for the summer as its not overwhelming and even with the hot weather it wouldn’t turn into those perfumes that you wouldn’t even be able to stand yourself after few hours. I would say is not soft to the point of disappear after in an hour neither too strong to feel it from far away, is perfect for anyone looking for balance and easy to wear fragrance. I personally loved it.

Lon Poppy by Floral Street is available on the brand website in 10 ml and 50 ml and if you are outside Britain you can find it at Sephora

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