Dream Decoder: 60 Cards to Unlock Your Unconscious


Have you ever had a dream and got stuck in your mind the next morning? Well how about finding out what your unconscious mind is trying to tell you? Never been a big fan of Freud actually I don’t agree with him on many things but when it comes to dreams I do tend to to believe the mind is trying to speak up about the unsolved things we have in our lives and we aren’t aware of how subconsciously they might be affecting ourselves.

When it comes to dreams we can talk long and deep about what they are and the reason  they provoke them. Days ago I got this box that most people tend to give as gift to people like me who are all about personal development and finding answers about life Dream Decoder: 60 Cards to Unlock Your Unconscious by Theresa Cheung, I remember my mum had not sure if she still does a very old book back when I was a kid that was so old that many pages were missed and I used to check it out quite often, I always thought of getting a new book as I don’t really trust what is on the internet and ended up trying these cards.



The box itself is pretty and nice to display in a living room or bookshelf, I personally have it near my bed. The box contains sixty high quality cards with lovely illustrations and the full description on the back of each card, is really a fun way to check out about dreams or connect each card related to each object or situation we saw or associate them with past dreams, cards always have been easier to read or connect for the mind than searching in a book or website then go back or forward that sometimes we end up losing interest, the concept behind this is actually very well done, for someone looking for making a gift


  • 60 cards
  • 60 illustrations
  • Size: 159 x 119 mm
  • ISBN: 9781786274939

You can find this cards at Laurence King WebsiteWaterstones and Amazon

I hope you enjoyed the post and find this gift idea interesting  to treat yourself or for making a present.



Evelin x



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