Perfume Review: Lys Noir by Isabey


“In 1924, the first edition of Lys Noir was presented in a magnificent bottle and coffret conceived by the renowned designer, Julien Viard and the famous Sorys House.

Lys Noir is one of the first of Isabey’s fragrances such as Gardenia, La Route d’Emeraude, Le Mimosa… creating the prestige of the brand.  Lys Noir has been redesigned first in 2014 and now in 2017 while keeping the emblematic art-deco codes of the brand.”

Another surprise from the house Isabey Paris without a doubt is Lys Noir


Top Notes: Black Pepper
Heart Notes: Lys, Tuberose, Heliothrope, Narcisse
Base Notes: Ebony Wood, Santal Milk, Patchouli, Musk

Probably the best way to describe Lys Noir is Narcotic, while with Gardenia and La Route d’Emeraude I felt them more like a wedding, romantic and sweet innocent woman, Lys Noir is totally the opposite, even the bottle gives a hint of what we are going to find, more like a sexy confident woman dressing up and getting ready for a date or a night party where is meant to shine.

The opening clearly has black pepper but is not the pepper we are used to lately and that became so common now days, this note has been so well because it bring the citric fresh side of the pepper as it dries down and no the spicy and overwhelming like other perfumes that can easily give a headache, is not harsh either like in masculine fragrances so I really liked how is done here. This is clearly a floral that stole my heart the mix of Lys, tuberose and narcisse is just like nothing you would smell anywhere else. the santal milk is quite interesting here as it gives a bitter sweet twist, is not the classic sandal are used to, as it’s milk is actually softer and well tamed, is not again like in masculine perfumery where the santal develops into a strong sharp note, clearly helps a lot to the the ebony wood to give the final touch.

The blends of Isabey’s perfumes are so well done, their noses clearly know what they are doing and how to obtain high quality and a unique fragrance that would hardly find anything similar out in the street. When a perfume is capable to tell a story like Lys Noir does then you clearly are in front of a great perfume.

One more time I was really surprised by this house, it has a sillage of 2mts and can easily last 12 hours

I hope you enjoyed the post

Evelin x

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