Perfume Review: Angel Eau Croisière 2020 by Mugler


Last year Mugler released a limited edition summer fragrance called Angel Eau Croisiere, (yes a flanker of the original Angel) it was a huge success that it was sold out everywhere very quickly. That’s why the house decided to go for the second edition for 2020.

Mugler reinterprets the cruise spirit of Angel as an escape to both pleasure and fantasy. For the final chapter in the Eau Croisière story, the Angel star lands beside the colourful rivers of Brazil to feast on sun and music. A vibrant and electric atmosphere, introducing: Angel Eau Croisière. The second edition of Angel Eau Croisière is an invitation to fantasy, a juicy Eau de Toilette, warmed by rays of sunshine and filled with vibrant colours from the beaches of Copacabana to the highest peak of Sugarloaf Mountain.


Fig Milk, Magnolia, Praline, Patchouli

Unlike the first version that was more a sweet fruity option this is more an oriental one, it keeps the DNA from Angel but it starts with a pina colada scent the mix of magnolia and fig milk is really similar so is hard to believe when you don’t see the pineapple on the notes, fruity but a bit creamy, as it dries down we can start to feel the oriental notes taking over the cocktail scent and becomes sweeter.

Is a bit intense, with good sillage and very long lasting, it does smell like a summer fruity perfume but in a hot weather day it could become a bit strong, which I personally love but everything comes to a personal taste.

Mugler, Angel Eau Croisière is available at 50 ml for £48 (non affiliate link)