Perfume Review: Molecule 04 by Escentric Molecules


Molecule 04 is the latest release from Escentric Molecules or actually “was” as the brand will be launching a new fragrance pretty soon. Wanted to try this fragrance for a while for one or another reason I made excuses till now.

Escentric Molecules made a bit of a revolution in the perfumery industry with a new concept of using chemistry as a big ally of getting molecules that would act as notes like sandalwood, cashmere etc.
The brand became very popular a couple of years ago when many top beauty bloggers were raving about it, sometimes the hype creates the opposite effect on people as many beauty influencers are not relatable and people start mistrust or lose interest, but once the sea was calm I decide to turn back and have a look at what the brands has to offer.
To understand it more the fragrances get released in pairs, in this case Molecule 04 and Escentric 04 (which I haven’t tried yet) with molecule 04 we have in this case the javanol molecule in isolation, is the only note while with the “escentric” one we have this molecule blended with another notes to get a more traditional perfume, which is great because you like it simple you have this, you like something more complex you have the other, specially being an unisex fragrance.

Molecul 04 has as as star and only note the Javanol, a sheer sandalwood molecule that is known for its intense freshness. “Imagine a sandalwood stripped of its heaviness to reveal a soft and sheer wood radiating silvery freshness” says Escentric Molecules


This is what I call a tricky fragrance to review, Molecule 04 acts very different from skin to skin, people would give you different descriptions about it, even when the Javanol is quite transparent and is not the classic woody sandalwood. Is not a perfume easy to understand and to describe, in another person it was a creamy sandalwood, in others it was musky and on me it smells like a fresh roses.

It’s not overwhelming so it would be a good choice for people with a sensitive nose, last a couple of hours and doesn’t really develop to anything else, it dries down quite fast so in 10 minutes you will know how the scent would be on your skin.
The idea as unisex fragrance is brilliant, as an option of simple perfumery lovers is also great.

I love the concept, i love how easy to wear it’s, the minimalist Javanol that makes it’s magic.

Escentric Molecules, Molecule 04 is available on 30 ml and 100 ml (non affiliate link)

I hope you enjoyed the review

Love x