Perfume Review: Orange Sanguine by Atelier Cologne



Orange Sanguine is probably the most famous fragrance from the house Atelier Cologne and a cult scent in the perfumery world with so many lovers around the globe, the reason why? this is a proper orange scent, many people describe it as pure orange juice and extremely fresh but let’s have a look.I will start with a small piece of information and it is the correct pronunciation of the name of this cologne, I say this because several times I listen to beauty bloggers, youtubers, “influencers” even people from the world of perfumery (that makes it even worse since if you work with perfumes it is mandatory to speak proper French). “Orange Sanguine” is basically Blood Orange in French, the right way to pronounce the name is to change the “a” in Orange for an “o” and in sanguine just like in word “guitar” we don’t pronunce the “u”.

Now that we see the notes, they will realize that we have citrics and more citrics, the rest of the notes are for fixing and giving the fragrance an extra to cut the citrus a bit, but it is still very loyal to its name.

  • TOP NOTES: Blood Orange, Bitter Orange, Red Mandarin
  • HEART NOTES: Jasmine, Geranium, Black Pepper
  • BASE NOTES: Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Cedarwood

There is so much to say about Orange Sanguine that it is difficult to start but we go with the entry notes that are three, blood orange that gives the sweetness and characteristics of an orange juice, bitter orange works as a regulator of sweetness, red mandarin helps to give more freshness and make the fragrance more citrus and fresh, these three notes do not decay at any time they remain for the entire duration of the fragrance. Even when it has two floral notes (geranium and jasmine) the orange is so powerful that is practically impossible to detect them, probably they helpon making the fragrance quite fresh, something similar happened with the tonka, with the woods we can only noticed them a a bit when the cologne dries down and is on the skin for several hours.
We could say that Orange Sanguine is a true citrus fragrance, it is very fresh at no time it becomes sweet outside of what is orange, doesn’t become gourmand, it is orange made cologne, it is fantastic because it fulfills what it promises to be, today It is difficult to find a 100% citrus fragrance.

The sillage reaches 2 meters with a duration of 5 to 6 hours, maybe more if a moisturizer is applied previously.
I am not a fan of citrics, i don’t mind them they are just not my style and they last very little on my skin, but this captivates me, makes me feel super fresh and relaxed, it puts me in a very good mood even when the weather is not the best. Many people recommend it for spring/summer season, I would use it all year round because yes it smell’s like oranges and still is so simple but unique compared to what is offered out in the market, a bit addictive after you use it a couple of times, one details that forgot to mention, is unisex so any gender can use it as is so easy to wear, there is nothing feminine or masculine is quite neutral.

Atelier Cologne, Orange Sanguine is available in 10 ml, 30 ml, 100 ml and 200 ml and there is available a limited edition 10 years anniversary bottle desing of 100 ml. (non affiliate links)

If you are near London Atelier Cologne has a beautiful little shop down in Covent Garden where you can personalize your gift (the 30 ml comes with a leather case), the brand is  also available in Selfridges, Harrods and John Lewis.


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