Perfume Review: Alien Mirage & Alien Man Mirage by Mugler


One of the first releases in 2020 in the perfumery industry comes from Mugler, with two new versions called Alien Mirage and Alien Man Mirage, both flankers of the well famous Alien family. clearly thinking on Valentines day and that the spring summer fragrances tend to get released at this time of the year.

Both limited edition. Alien Mirage is inspired on the desert, the mirages, temperature changes between day and night, the freshness from the oasis in the middle of the sand. Both fragrances were complex to understand and not simple to  recognize in the first sniff.


A tricky fragrance to review, we have florals like lotus and syringa at the beginning mixed with a strong pink pepper that stays on all the time but once it dries down we can smell the mineral notes mixed with the amber and hinoki wood so is a strange mix of fresh white floral but soft spicy at the same time I have to admit it reminds me more of Aura than Alien but quite enjoy it as it’s easy to wear and very long lasting.


  • Top Notes: Pink Peppercorns
  • Heart Notes: Seringa Flower, Lotus
  • Base Notes: White Amber, Hinoki Wood

Mugler, Alien Mirage EDT is available at 60 ml £59 (non affiliate link)


Alien Man Mirage: This would be the fresh aquatic version of Alien Man clearly thinking in a hot summer day, unlike the feminine version this one has green notes like juniper, reed mixed with fresh mineral and aquatic notes and it leather and patchouli at the end.


Top Notes: Reed Leaves
Heart Notes: Juniper, Citrus
Base Notes: Patchouli

Mugler, Alien Man Mirage EDT is available at 100 ml £61 (non affiliate link)


I quite liked both and I think they will be the most unique options this spring as they are quite rare with a different inspiration concept even different from the original Alien and well the bottles are quite lovely too.


I hope you enjoyed the post

Evelin x


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